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Sacred gift faithful servant

The Sacred Gift and the Faithful Servant – Part I

Your Intuitive Mind is Your Sacred Gift • Your Rational Mind is Your Faithful Servant   ~ Albert Einstein

I used to crawl under the table at our breaks when I was a student of Hand Analysis. No Intuitive gifts in my tool box – so I told myself.  I knew little or nothing about auras, energy healing, psychic hits, past life regressions, animal totems.

My fellow students used to spend the lunch hour sharing and comparing their intuitive practices and experiences.  Yikes…I was an academic and a government employee for almost 30 years.  I knew about the scientific method and how to reason my way into solving a problem. What was I doing here?

Choosing hand analysis training through the International Institute of Hand Analysis was exactly where I needed to be. I had the data down pat. The science behind the system made lots of sense and had been validated over many years. But what else did I need to develop?  My sacred gift of Intuition, of course. Let me repeat…. did not have it, clueless about what it might be for me if I did have it.

Over the next 3 weeks, I’ll be posting 3 parts to this series on how we think and how it supports us.

  • Part I
    • My hands reveal the two ways of thinking. Why was I so hesitant to accept one of them?
    • Two Hours – my way of accessing the Sacred Gift
  • Part II  An invitation to take an inventory of your rational vs. intuitive tendencies – are you lopsided like I was?  Too rational/logical too “Moony” and not of this practical world?
  • Part III Four tips for developing your special brand of Intuition


PART I – Balancing your Faithful Servant with your Sacred Gift


Loves to be challenges mentallyAs the Albert Einstein quote says – the intuitive and the rational are important parts of our being. Turns out I had both ways of thinking in my hands – intuitive and rational. Head lines reveal how we take in and process information. One had dominated the other in much of my earlier years.  Here’s a close up of a logical, rational  head line. Goes straight across the hand.The marks of a spiritual teacher

Here is an example of an intuitive head line – curves down into the area furthest away from the index finger.

My rational, analytical head line on my left hand is straight and unbroken. On the right hand I have 2 sketchy intuitive, gut-based head lines. Although I have double capacity for intuitive, emotionally based thinking, the lines are broken and “unsure” of themselves.

Kind of explains why I was so unsure of my intuitive skills. This is about trusting your gut and I had been ignoring my gut for years, not believing in my intuitive hits. THANKS to my hand analysis mentors for helping me use both ways of thinking in balance in my life and in my work.

Your Turn

Take a look at your hands and track the line that starts between your thumb and index finger. Does it go straight across your hand (not all are as straight as mine)?  Or does it head down into that region we call the “Moon”…the zone of intuition, feelings, imagination, your creative source?  Start there and determine if you rely heavily on your Faithful Servant – your rational mind or more on your Sacred Gift – your intuitive mind?

This is about developing both – if you are stronger in one, try to anchor yourself in some aspect of the other.

If you live in the deep waters of feelings and intuition, you may have trouble functioning in the practical, objective world. If you dwell only in the rational, logical realm, you may miss the rich gift of your free form imagination and the opportunity to connect with your inner knowing and the intangibles of life.

How am I developing my Intuitive Gifts?

By example, I’ll focus on our Sacred Gift that some of us (ME!) may not believe we have access to. We all have intuitive abilities, we just have to develop them.

I doubted that I could really trust my intuition. Over the past 18 years as a Hand Analyst, however, I have come to recognize, celebrate and grow my brand of intuition. And that’s as a story teller.

I named my business HandTales. This was before I really recognized that I’m here to help you tell your story by making it come alive and seem real and tangible as well as magical. I seem to come up with story examples in literature, my own life, movies, past clients and stories out of thin air to offer insights into what I am reading about your potential and what might be getting in the way.

Two simple “stories” I used with recent clients:

o      Life Path of a Body Healer:  Gave her an example of issues with feet/toes and this was her issue.

o      Life Challenge of Powerlessness:  Like trying to drive a car from the back seat. This was a recurring dream she was having.

Go forth and trust your Sacred Gift and rely on your Faithful Servant when you need it. 

Check out Part II and Part III of this series.

Part II:  Take an inventory of your intuitive vs analytical strengths and how to become less lopsided – it’s the Yin Yang Balance thing.

Part III: 4 ideas to develop your intuitive gifts


Finally,  here is my commitment this year. I commit to further develop my intuitive gifts by spending TWO HOURS every day in the practice of Being vs. Doing. Tough for those of you who have kids and work long hours. Give it a go for 30 to 45 minutes per day. My two hours will include:  Sitting meditation, guided meditation, yoga, poetry, writing in my journal, napping, reading to inspire, voice toning, dancing, hiking or skiing in silence, viewing inspirational YouTube or TED talks….. So far I have managed at least 1 hr plus every day and getting better.

What can you do right now to BE more? Your Sacred Gift calls.

7 thoughts on “The Sacred Gift and the Faithful Servant – Part I”

  1. Hi Janet, I recently listened again to the second reading you did for me in Arlington, MA 4 years ago (the first one was in Stowe at Trapp’s). I’d like to meet with you again if you still come to the Boston area. My cell is 781-290-7356. Thank you for your emails, which are interesting

  2. Hi Janet
    I enjoy your postings. I too have long headlines, called Persephone by most and almost hal by others. A logical moon? An intuitive rationalist? Not sure how to identify myself. Not sure what my thinking looks like. Looking forward to exploring this theme with you. Thanks.

  3. Janet!

    I LOVE this — I too felt so OUT OF IT during my training — was completely in the rational realm. I was the only one encouraged by the instructor to “lean in” to the intuition – as everyone else was approaching the readings via intuition first, and then searching for the data. I was ALL data.

    Since then I’ve learned to allow the intuition to flow and to serve the data too. Cool, thanks for sharing this!

  4. Hi Janet,

    Another wonderful article – thank you. Learning about my “Hal” headlines has been integral to my feeling satisfied with my career and life. I’d convinced myself that multi-passionate was more interesting and would keep me from boredom but it only kept me from really engaging in something bigger. As for intuition, I’m noticing that I’m far more able to access it when my brain isn’t being used a million different ways!

    xo Lori

    1. Lori: What a lovely report about you thinking style….and recognizing what it takes to honor Hal and summon Persephone :-}



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