THE GOOD CONVERSATIONS SERIES Starts mid APRIL 2024. Join us ONLINE for a 3 part series for some good conversations in the group and out in the world. Come away with new tools to connect and to be heard. Improve the quality of your relationships and change the world along the way! Email me to find out more.

ENROLLMENT IS OPEN • Spring 2024 LIVE-IN PERSON Level I Hand Analysis Intensive Training in Burlington VT • Late April-dates TBD. Download the course description: Live Level I Intensive Training. Interested our ONLINE training? Email me for details.

Your Life Purpose

Is In Your Hands

Ready to claim your true treasure – Your Life Purpose?
Do you know what’s blocking you from living on purpose?

Your hands and fingerprints contain a language unique to you – the language of your Soul and the language of your Personality. As your guide, I show you how the two can communicate to build the life you want. No more guessing, clear answers – through Scientific Hand Analysis.

Go on a very personal journey with me
Click on picture to watch this video interview-all about your hands

Turn Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones

Get Unstuck

One key solution to relationship trials, career confusion, creative blocks, financial insecurity, chronic self doubt.

Identify Your Potential

Discover your Purpose
Claim your Personality Type
Live your Potential

Confirm You're On the Right Track

Your hands hold what you already know deep down. Let them be your guide.

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Are you a healer, counselor, coach, entrepreneur, or do you simply want to move forward in your life? Learn this proven system of hand and fingerprint analysis as tool to help others. Immerse yourself in hands as you get to the core of your authentic self.

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About Me

Hello, I’m Janet Savage – Master Story Teller. Master Hand Analyst – one of eleven in the world. Master Teacher – one of six in the world. I want to be your guide for deep personal transformation.

You can find the success and meaning you yearn for. Let’s write the next chapter of your story – the real one – together.


What My Clients Say

Australian Client

Thank you for shining a light onto my life - it was a profound experience I was amazed at how easy it is to see my own picture and how so much of my life struggles relate directly back to my life lesson. I have changed the way I am in the world because of our sessions. I have stepped up to the challenge of being courageous in all things– very helpful when talking with financiers etc. for our farm, not to mention with my family.

Sabine B., Meringur, AU

Janet confirmed that while I develop as a storyteller, I need to work on the social aspect of storytelling’s downside. Stay tuned in to my audience and pick up on their signals. Then when I had the follow-up session, Janet helped me realize if I just listen to my gut, I will always stay on the right path. Janet inspired me to keep writing and zero in on my memoirs, and I’m now a regular online blogger for my local paper.

Nancy H., California

I’m less angry and try to focus on me and take quiet time. Something funny, my girls were playing the CD player and heard some of my recording. My 5 year old said “ahhh, mommy is a hermit, she is a hermit crab”. So funny. My husband is super supportive also. And, I have finally taken the leap into building my health coaching business and it's taken off. I have really found my passion in life. Thank you, Janet, for believing in me too!

Jane S., Connecticut