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The Gift of Intention – Super Manifestation vs. Dependence or Manifesting for Others

This Gift is all about the Thumb, especially the upper zone or Crown Chakra. Do you have a star formation in the upper joint of either thumb? Compare your thumbs to examples below.

First, tho’, let’s start with a reminder of what gifts in the hands mean. Then we’ll pop over to the thumbs and onto the Star of Intention in the upper zone of the thumb.

Here are the keys to understanding how gift markers operate:

>They show up in the major and minor lines in your hands and fingers

>They are there to serve your Soul Purpose which is revealed in your fingerprints

>Some gifts can come and go – strengthen and weaken, depending on how well you’re managing the challenges that are inevitable

>There are 18 possible Gift Markers in hands – the more the merrier, right? Not if you’re running in many directions trying to figure out how to harness the energy of each one. Not if you’re stuck in the penalty box frozen into inaction or misdirection.

>Each one represents:

A yearning deep within you to express this gift

A special talent or capability

A responsibility to express this; to make your gift one of the centerpieces of your life. Otherwise, you get to experience the penalty. Each have their own unique downside that can send you into a tailspin. Use it or lose it; Grow it or deprive it. OWWWW! It can hurt if you are not expressing your special gift at home and in the world.

You WILL stumble. Push through the inevitable resistance and step up to the responsibility as a gifted person and huge rewards come your way, I promise. Instead of stumbling blocks, you now have stepping stones to build the life you want. Your Soul Purpose now has some tangible ways of expressing itself. Yahoo!

We’re here to serve our gifts as they serve our Soul Purpose. Then we get to serve the world! GO HERE for the full article and a peek at the 18 gift markers.

Now for a short primer on your thumbs. They would take up a full day of exploration! We’ll save that for another time.

The Thumb

For a quick overview of ALL that resides in the thumb, check out this video.

Now turn your attention to the 3 zones of the thumb.  As you see, the thumb is home to 3 of the Chakras:

Lower Zone-Throat; Middle Zone-3rd Eye; Upper Zone-CrownReady, Aim, Fire - 3 Chakras

The Crown Chakra is home to the Star of Intention – our Gift for the day.  This Chakra is all about aligning your will and action to your higher purpose. See the examples below – one without the drawn star and the other with showing where the star formation is. Can you spot them on your own??

The Star of Intention – Example 1
The Star of Intention – Example 2

Remember that all gift markers come with a penalty if your are not harnessing and using it. Here are the upsides and down sides of the Gift of Intention:

Upside:  Results/Super Manifestation/Clear Self-determination – I think of it; it happens. My actions are aligned with my higher purpose

Downside: Dependency vs Self-determination. Raw Will Power vs Will aligned with purpose. Am I clear about my desires, my aim and my unique self-expression? Am I manifesting for someone else not me?

Whether or not you have that super manifestation star in your Crown Chakra, go forth with intention and actions based on your highest purpose.

~ Janet