THE GOOD CONVERSATIONS SERIES Starts mid APRIL 2024. Join us ONLINE for a 3 part series for some good conversations in the group and out in the world. Come away with new tools to connect and to be heard. Improve the quality of your relationships and change the world along the way! Email me to find out more.

ENROLLMENT IS OPEN • Spring 2024 LIVE-IN PERSON Level I Hand Analysis Intensive Training in Burlington VT • Late April-dates TBD. Download the course description: Live Level I Intensive Training. Interested our ONLINE training? Email me for details.

The Good Conversations Series

Curious about other people and their stories? Are there friends or family who you love to chat with? Are there also times that you leave a conversation feeling dissatisfied?

Now list some reasons you love talking with a particular person? And then reflect on the “deal breakers” that end your conversation saying, “never doing that again”. Are you getting a picture of what makes for a meaningful, authentic connection?

in our Good Conversations Series you’ll learn and practice new tools to create:

> Healthier relationships at home and at work – experience true partnership/an even exchange.

> A healthier community – how to find common ground when you disagree and bust assumptions (yours and theirs) by getting to the bottom of why a person or a group believes X, Y or Z.

> Bottom line? A healthier you! A healthier world!

Dates, flow, and how to register coming soon!! In the meantime, contact me to get on the list – limited to 10 people.

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Do you love a good conversation? Maybe? Or do you often leave an exchange feeling dissatisfied? What do you think are the essential ingredients for a meaningful connection?

Join us ONLINE for a 3 part series for some good conversations in the group and out in the world. Come away with new tools to connect and to be heard. Improve the quality of your relationships and change the world along the way!

Contact me to find out more and to get on the list…group limited to 10 people.

Study with Janet – take the Level I Intensive Training, 21 hours of immersion in hands and fingerprints in a retreat like setting. Learn to become a Hand Analyst, incorporate it into you healing practice or study for personal growth. Download the class description: Level I Hand Analysis Intensive Training IN-PERSON

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One great way to get a true taste of Hand Analysis is to book me for a private group, presentation or workshop. My pricing is reasonable. I offer this, because I believe so strongly that your hands can guide you to the life you want and I want you to open that first door.

Do you have a group of friends or colleagues? A community group or a center for body, mind and spirit practitioners? A classroom? A retreat coming up? Book me to speak or do a workshop for you. I am a dynamic hands-on speaker with 40 years of public speaking experience. Choose from many topics. Or I can design one especially for your group.

Yes, I do travel. I also do on-line presentations. See the topics below.


Spend 2-4 hrs. with me and you’ll leave with a tool box full of possibilities and a smile on your face. Tailored to your needs.


Part of a special group or business team? Want a unique topic and a dynamic speaker?  Many topics to choose from – (45 to 90 mins.).

Private Groups

Introduce your friends, neighbors, family or colleagues to hands. Host a Hand Reading Circle. Fun, personalized and life affirming.

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Popular Presentation and Workshop Topics:

Ways to Make Peace with Your Resistance...

Why do we resist? Discover 5 surprising ways to break through your resistance so that you can move toward your goals with ease.

Service, Love, Wisdom or Peace

What is your Major here at Earth University? The answer is in your Fingerprints.

Four Fingered Sales Savvy

Be successful in business and in life by learning the keys to effective "sales". Your hands are your guide you.

Don’t You Just Love a Good Story?

How our personal stories effect our business story.
Learn to craft your authentic story. Easily adapted for a personal growth group – non business.

Find the One You're Looking For

There are 5 ways and one of them involves a duck!

Meaning, Meditation and Movement

Imagine what you want. Match that image to your Soul Purpose. Move toward it. Group and individual activities with meditation, movement to music and a special hand reading.

You Can't Do It Alone

Break old habits; reach new goals by harnessing the power of Healthy Collaborations with your Life Mates, Play Mates and Team Mates.

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