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Hand Wisdom

Hand Injuries and Issues – Your Holistic Guide to Better Health
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A new pathway to health using the wisdom of your hands. Written by Julie Sonack, MS, OT/L & Janet Savage, MHA, MPH.

Imagine having a resource that can guide you to a deeper understanding of a hand injury and other issues in your hands. Your hands hold a message for you beyond your hands. Are you willing to listen?

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$39.95 plus S/H

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More Recommended Resources

If you want to dive deeply into your Life Purpose – found in your Fingerprints, this is the book for you. Ronelle gives an indepth description of the upside and downside of your soul purpose. And the challenges you face – it might just be your Life Lesson!

Ronelle Coburn, Master Hand Analyst and Teacher

Decipher your own Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School from your fingerprints. A true story teller, Richard captures the essence of the soul map through rich examples.

Richard Unger, Founder of the Int’l Institute of Hand Analysis.

Take the 10 EXERCISES IN 10 DAYS challenge. Do you know what you want and really who you want to be?  If yes, good on ya?  If no, grab a pen and notebook and maybe some friends and colleagues to jump right into these 10 powerful exercises designed to capture the essence of YOU.  You’ll be motivated, clear and ready to go.  Use with your clients or for your own journey.

After years of working with clients, Janet designed or discovered these 10 exercises to help her clients get unstuck and on the right path.

$19.95 Instant PDF download.

Access our member’s only resources. Not a member? It’s FREE! Click here to join. We add new resources all the time. Here are some examples:
  • Three audios – What Do I Want? What’s stopping me? How do I Find My True Path?
  • Three audios from a recent tele-seminar all about the benefits of our system of Hand Analysis
  • Affirmation audios for each of the Life Schools – Service, Love, Wisdom and Peace
  • Life Schools -– Key qualities
  • Two maps – of the Hand and of the Hand Mounts & Finger Zones and their meaning
  • Instant access to Articles and News about hands and life


Methods for imprinting your fingerprints and hands. Are you a new client or a student? Check out the video and guidelines on printing your fingerprints and the video and guidelines on printing your hands. These will help you get the most accurate imprints.

Fingerprints: Pencil Method

Ink Kit Instructions

Photograph Your Hands

Ink and Roller Technique: Coming Soon

Resources for Hand Analysts and Students

Life Schools Affirmation Cards

Designed for professional Hand Analysts and student Hand Analysts, they make a great thank you gift for new clients and during group presentations if you are revealing their Life School.

Each Card is 7” x 2 1/2” – Book Mark size. The front of each of the 4 cards is shown here and a view of the 4 different back sides with the affirmations for each School.

Order a set of 30 each for a total of 120 cards for $24.00 plus S/H


There are many magnifiers out there to assist you in looking at fingerprints. Magnifiers keep evolving! Here’s our favorite, with both 5X and 10X heads and lights! Sunlight if the best for seeing the prints clearly. But this is a good stand in.

Lighted Magnifying Glass with Large 5X & 10X Lenses

Folding Lamp

If you’re traveling and need a light, here’s a great option. The foldable lamp collapses, is lightweight, bright and affordable.
For hand and fingerprinting

Oil-Based Ink Sheets

Look closely at text with the pictures to find the 6″ X 10″ sheets near the bottom of the list. Be aware that sheets have an approximate 6-12 month shelf life and come in minimum of 100. Order these if you are doing distance based readings or printing hands at Expos/Conferences.


Block Print Ink equipment

Water-Based Hand Printing Supplies

You can get what you need from most FINE ART supply stores. They are all “block printing” supplies. 

On-line sources:

• Roller: The roller is called a brayer and you want one that is hard rubber, 4 inches wide.

• Ink: Speedball Water Soluble Block Printing Ink in black in a tube. Colors stain the hand. Outside of the US/Canada you will need to find the equivalent.

• Linoleum: This is the surface you roll the ink out on to coat the brayer. Size: 5X7” linoleum for 4 inch brayer width (or order the large size and cut to 5×7”).

• Paper: You can use any type of paper that will take the ink. Standard copy/laser paper works just fine.