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Your hands reflect who you are now and who you yearn to be. Your fingerprints, lines, palm shape, even the color and texture of your hands say something special about you.

Turn dreams into reality. The source for your passion, purpose, and success is in the palm of your hand and at your fingertips. A Hand Analysis session(s) will guide you to discover, claim and live on purpose. To learn more about Scientific Hand Analysis, watch this Interview with Janet;  read FAQ’s.

Who can benefit?

Whether you're in a career black hole, stumbling in relationships, struggling with your finances, tired of hitting the same roadblocks, or simply ready to write the next chapter in your story but don't know where to start .....

The answers to life’s most puzzling questions are right there in front of you . Like an instruction manual, your hands offer the solutions you're looking for.

Are you willing to open your hands to the possibilities that await you?

Janet Savage

When I began to study hands in 2000, I thought, can I really do this work? I had the rich data in the hands down, but I’m not a psychic, aura reader, shaman or intuitive to past lives like some of my fellow students proclaimed. So how could I be effective?

What I have come to realize over the past 23 years is that all of us have intuitive gifts. Mine comes in the form of stories. Sharing the right stories or examples to help my clients’ own stories come alive.  Now I combine my analytical skills with my intuitive gifts to help you claim yours.

Twenty Three years as a full-time Hand Analyst – I am a  Master Story Teller  •  a Master Hand Analyst – one of eleven in the world • a Master Teacher – one of six in the world. Many have trained with us but few have made hands their life’s work.


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Scientific Hand Analysis, a.k.a. Modern Palmistry with a scientific base, is a system of fingerprint and hand mapping which decodes your Soul Psychology and Personality Psychology. Your fingerprints and all aspects of your hands describes how your unique Life Purpose consciousness can work together with your singular personality style. This is a non-predictive system. Developed by Richard Unger, founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA), it combines the ancient art of palmistry and the contemporary science of fingerprint decoding. This is a thoroughly researched and repeatable Life Purpose and Personality Psychology assessment tool that has been validated with over 40 years of research and more than 200,000 pairs of hands. Join the HandTales community and learn more about the transformational power of your hands through self exploration, free discovery recordings, special offers to members only and all the news and musings about HANDS and FINGERPRINTS.
Purpose + Personality = PotentialLife Purpose Mapping Session gives you your soul agenda. Your fingerprints reveal 3 essential aspects of your soul journey to a fully conscious, passionate, authentic life – the path to your Life Purpose. The stage, your unique stage, is set indelibly before you were born. Your job is to learn how to play out the rich story that is yours to live. Once we have the map in hand, we explore the main theme in your personality – revealed in the shape of your palm, the lines and fingers. By combining these two important parts of You – your soul potential and your personality strength and challenges – you now have the first chapters of your guidebook to help you with better choices in career, relationship, health and creative expression. In short to live the life you came here to live.
The truth about your authentic story is carved into your fingerprints and your hands. A single session can give you the outline or blueprint, and that’s a great start. It takes time, however, to flesh out an outline if you are writing a novel or to build a home from the base blueprint. You have to test what is true for you, learn how to break old patterns and practice new ones. Working with me overtime gives you a focused, consistent opportunity to discover, claim and learn to live your soul consciousness more deeply. What greater gift is there to give to yourself? We are a team working together toward your happiness and success. I invite you to take full advantage of my skills and years of experience in counseling, adult education and leadership and career development as well as 17 years as a full-time Hand Analyst [one of only 10 practicing Master Hand Analysts worldwide. One of 5 Master Teachers]. I have read over 10,000 pairs of hands and touched many lives. To learn more about Janet, click here.
Absolutely! I am set up to do recorded phone, Skype or Zoom readings, so I can read for any one in the world. Contact me to get instructions on how to provide me with a copy of your hands and fingerprints. You can pay – on-line, with a check or call me with your credit card number. You then make an appointment and send or scan your prints. Contact Janet to get started.
I invite you to read two articles. The first – on Scientific Hand Analysis. It’s one of the best descriptions of how your hands can guide you. The second is a full description of how we differ from other folks in the healing/spiritual arts. Hand Analysts certified by the International Institute of Hand Analysis are diagnosticians and specifically name your Life Purpose at the soul level along with key factors that keep you from living it. They accurately pinpoint your personal formula for your soul’s emergence without needing to hear your history. The process is one of preliminary identification, increasing awareness and consistent support/guidance as needed. All certified analysts trained by the IIHA use a common language and impart the same basic information. They are trained in best practices including the application of years of research in fingerprint deciphering. Using the best of the non-predictive palmistry traditions, they employ the concrete, repeatable information found in the palm shape, lines and fingers eliminating inconsistency and confusion. You can look at and verify every feature explained by the analyst.

The odds are not in your favor! The information in hands used in predictive palmistry is said to be less than 50% accurate. Do you want those odds when looking forward? Your hands cannot reliably tell you how long you will live, who you will marry, or how many children you will have. Everything in the hands is viewed in present time.

Wouldn’t you want to be fully YOU now so that you will be prepared for anything that comes your way in the future? That’s the goal of Life Purpose Hand Analysis. Life Purpose Hand Analysis is based on the ancient art of non-predictive palmistry and the modern science of fingerprint analysis. Your lines, hand shape and fingers identify your motivations, talents and the patterns and habits of your personality. Your fingerprints reveal your Life Purpose or highest potential and Life Lesson, what you are here to work on. This system is not based on my psychic abilities to predict the future, but rather on a scientifically validated system that can be consistently applied from hand to hand.

Embrace the authentic you today and the future will be yours to celebrate and to handle if needed.

Yes. Hosting a Hand Reading Circle or a presentation is a great way to introduce your colleagues, friends and family to the power and magic of hands. Click here for more information. To stay informed about upcoming Life Purpose Journey Groups, retreats, special workshops and our training schedule, sign up to be a member of the HandTales community.
Scientific Hand Analysis is a teachable system. Richard Unger, the founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA), has developed a powerful teaching curriculum based on over 40 years of research and practice. I am one of 10 practicing Master Hand Analysts certified by the IIHA and one of 5 Master Teachers worldwide certified to teach the IIHA curriculum. I have been teaching the in-person Level I Intensive Course since 2006 and co-teach the distance-based Level II Certification Course with Ronelle Coburn. There are rules that apply to everything in the hands: fingerprints, lines, finger sections, skin color and texture and hand shape. Learning the enormous amount of data in a hand is the first step in the learning process, like learning the rules of painting before you develop your unique style. As you begin to practice what you have learned in class and in the field, you develop the art of hand reading – how to weave a story, apply your intuition and best coaching practices for each client and for your own personal transformation. We pride ourselves in offering a triangle of value in your learning process. No other palmistry or hand analysis curriculum offers you the depth and breadth of learning required to change lives at the deepest level. Check out the learning opportunities available to you at Study with Janet.
I am here to lead others on deep journeys to find their own spotlight and voice in the world. I lived many years in my inverse or underbelly version of my Purpose. (There are on guarantees that we will live our Life Purpose in its full bloom or to even inch toward it in this life time.) I was the “pip squeak” – powerless, hiding out and mute. Hand Analysis allowed me to own what I always new I was meant to be – to step out behind that curtain and brave the spotlight, to be bold in re-framing how I/we see things through creative communication. That’s why I love to call myself a Master Story Teller!

What is my blind spot, my least evolved skill, what I am here to work on so that my Life Purpose can flourish? Let’s save that shadow story for another time. When you get to know me, feel free to ask me. What I can tell you is that my Life Lesson has become my greatest ally as I navigate the confusing maze called Life. I love what I do and am fully committed to living my Life Purpose fearlessly everyday. Without the wisdom carved from my challenges, I could not say that.