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Can you integrate your yin and yang nature

The Sacred Gift and the Faithful Servant-Part II, Balance

The Intuitive Mind is Your Sacred Gift;
the Rational Mind is Your Faithful Servant 

~ Albert Einstein

In Part I we explored whether you are more intuitive or analytical.  Each of us has strength in one or both areas. The key is how do you employ your intuitive or rational mind to serve yourself and others?  And how can you develop the side that might be hidden or weaker? Now let’s explore Yin Yang in balance.

This time I’m offering you exercises to create more balance in your life and to weave a life that feeds your soul. The goal? Live more in the rhythm of your day and your relationships vs. out of sync and disconnected from yourself and others so that you can use your Sacred Gift and Faithful Servant to everyone’s benefit.

The following 3 Exercises are designed to help you notice your dominant way of being/doing and how far out of balance (or in balance) you really are! Are you a more “Yin” (being/receiving) or more “Yang” (doing/active giving) personality?

Yin Yang symbol integrates feminine and masculine energy

I. Begin to Re-Balance your Life by putting a symbol next to the following questions:


+ (Feel good about this)

– (Not feeling good about this)

> (Too often)

< (Not often enough)

And then make a plan to put more + signs in your life.

Do you ……

  •  Feel you have enough time for yourself – even just to breathe?
  •  Make enough time for exercising/walking/dancing/having unstructured fun?
  • Feel you have enough time for nurturing relationships and fun with your family and friends?
  • When you’re with loved ones, do you feel fully present for them?
  • Find that you sometimes neglect yourself or your business in response to family demands?
  • Operate on endless lists? Like making lists? Usually complete your To Do’s?
  • Thrive/energized by activity and maybe even crisis?
  • Exhausted by endless “doings” at the end of the day?
  • Avoid confrontation and crisis at all costs?
  • Find yourself “hanging out”, e.g. watching T.V., playing cards, drinking or even meditating too much?
  • OR ……Are you generally satisfied with your daily/weekly accomplishments and feel that your doings and beings are in balance? If so, Bravo!

II. Assessing Yin Yang Pendulum Swings in Your Life

a. Yin Yang Balance download this page. Locate 3 pencils or hi-lighters of different colors. Using one of the colors, start by circling what you are doing now – a good rule of thumb is if you do this on average at least 1 hr or more per day. Using another color, circle what you want more of in your daily/weekly routine. With the 3rd color, write in more Yin or Yang words that suit your needs. Perhaps you want to add painting, or public speaking for example.

b. On the same sheet of paper where you jotted down your thoughts about how you want to use your time better, write down the answers to these questions:

  • Are you more of a Yin person or a Yang person?
  • On a scale of 1 – 10, how out of balance do you feel you are right now – 1 being REALLY out of balance.
  • Are you at one extreme end of the pendulum?  See the bottom of your sheet. List the extreme Yin and/or Yang behaviors (if you “practice them”) that you would like to release.


III. Imagine Your Perfect Day

On another sheet of paper, describe a perfect day with  Yin Yang balance. Do a “work” day. (At another time paint a picture of a weekend in balance.) Try a vision board to capture this. Check out the guidelines for doing vision boards along with the 9 other exercises to discover and claim what you want/need – go here to check out the Life Threads: 10 Exercises that will Change Your Life. Gotta scroll down a bit to read all about it. This makes a great gift.

How can your answers help you to Nurture your Sacred Gift and to Honor your Faithful Servant? Being objective and using logic and analysis is essential at times. Just as being subjective, trusting your intuition and your feelings is needed at other times. When you’re out of balance, we can not see our heads or our hearts clearly.

Thank you for participating in these exercises. I hope that they helped to clear any fog or to unpack any excess baggage you might have.  Celebrate your day in balance and renewed energy. Your comments are always welcome!!

Allow your Sacred Gift and your Faithful Servant to support your success and happiness.

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