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Deep waters-empathy

The Star of Neptune-The Gift of Empathy

NEPTUNE is the God of the Watery Depths here to save lost souls

Check out the Video above on Neptune

This is one of 18 possible gift markers in the hand. As with all the Gift Markers, Neptune stars come with upside and downside possibilities. Let’s look at the possibilities for you if you own this gift.

Deep Empathy vs. Stuck in Grief, Melancholy or Rage

If you have this gift, you can:

  • Visit the metaphysical gates of the collective unconscious – and come back to tell about it. How’s that for a start?
  • Plumb the depths of the human experience with others as you provide structure and safety all the way
  • Hold great empathy and profound awareness for those in pain under potentially tragic circumstances or societal rejection

Where is the star located?

Here are 2 examples in the hand. Kinda hard to see, but they live deep in the hand next to the wrist.b Both of them have the privilege of having 3 stars. Ahhh! I pointed out one on each hand. Can you find the others? Sorry to say, the more you have the harsher the penalty if you’re not using them.

The stars are way down at the bottom of the palm

Now let’s take a look 3 UPSIDE possibilities

Deep waters-empathyPlumb the Depths

Imagine for a moment what it’s like to go to the bottom of the ocean. The deeper you go, the colder it gets, the darker it gets. And there is no sound. Take a look at the main image of this post. These are deep waters indeed.

If you fully embrace your gift, then you can plumb these depths. These are the deep waters of emotion and introspection. You are willing to go where most people would not. Your job is to help others navigate deep inaccessible emotions with great empathy.

SurrenderOne upside of having the gift of Neptune in our hand

The location of this gift is in the most Yin part of the hand. Yin is about receiving, trusting and most of all surrendering. For example, there is nothing you can do when faced with grief but to grieve. Sometimes there are no words or explanation for waves of darkness or melancholy that take over at times. You gift is to be in full acceptance and trust of that unknowing, inaccessible place. Think about Billie Holiday and “Lady Sings the Blues”. We are moved not so much by her words but by the feelings she evokes.

Trusting it will pass is your strength. You’re here to be a guide to offer structure and safety for others during these deep-water journeys.

Be Present and Offer Empathy

Another upside of the gift of NeptuneYour job is to comfort and empathize with a person’s suffering and pain. Also to understand the special contribution of each person on this earth. To embrace those of us who are not “normal” contributing members of society. In other words, you can be fully present for those on the fringes of the human experience; fully present without fear or discomfort with another person’s grieving or dying or disability.

Not feeling it? Not using your gift? Let’s try on the Penalty or downside.


DOWNSIDE possibilities

You’re here to experience strong currents of emotions. If you’re on the downside, you can tend toward melancholy, morbid thoughts, a heaviness of spirit. We call this stuck in the “well of human sadness”. You can be overwhelmed by emotions that drown you. Do you ever feel as if you are stuck in that cycle of a deep sadness for humankind and feel powerless to do anything about it? Paralyzed and want to pull the covers over your head? Do you feel lonely and alienated because others don’t feel as deeply as you do?

This is the Yin (female) version of the downside.

What about the Yang (male) version?

Still overwhelmed by feelings but they tend towards rage? Do you hold grudges? Are you furious about the state of things yet feel that there is nothing you can do about it? Do you express that anger and pessimism outwardly?

I have Neptune Stars. As long as I spend enough time in that Yin space, I don’t mind that I go towards morbid sometimes. Do I get stuck in that “well of human sadness”? Sure. But I have the tools now to help me emerge from that dark and cold and soundless place to a better understanding of how I’m to use these gifts. I have lots of personal stories, but will not go there just now.

How can you move from penalty to prowess with empathy for all?

This is about embracing full Yin territory. Here are a few ways you can get there AND be the vehicle to help others get there.

  • Drugs (yup! Drugs): I don’t mean opioids. Look up Timothy Leary or Carlos Castenada or read about Shamans who use Ayahuasca. All used (or use) drugs mind/spirit altering substances in a controlled environment to break down barriers and limits to the human experience (not my first choice for you!)
  • Deep Breath Work which increase oxygenation of the body as a safer substitute for drugs offering an opening to those deeper realms
  • Voice Toning – many levels of benefit here
  • Dream Work guided by an experienced dream therapist and
  • Meditation to master deep introspection

And finally…..

How might you use this Neptune gift of yours?

  • Hospice/Helping folks in deep transition
  • Grief counselor
  • Work with those on the fringes of what is “normal” e.g. folks with autism, severe physical disabilities
  • Rituals with structure–Guided shamanic journeys, deep breath work, guided meditation, dream work, guided toning
  • Work that gives form to what is nebulous and seemingly ungraspable – what comes to your mind?

May you thrive as you dive deeply.

~ Janet

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