THE GOOD CONVERSATIONS SERIES Starts mid APRIL 2024. Join us ONLINE for a 3 part series for some good conversations in the group and out in the world. Come away with new tools to connect and to be heard. Improve the quality of your relationships and change the world along the way! Email me to find out more.

ENROLLMENT IS OPEN • Spring 2024 LIVE-IN PERSON Level I Hand Analysis Intensive Training in Burlington VT • Late April-dates TBD. Download the course description: Live Level I Intensive Training. Interested our ONLINE training? Email me for details.

Start Your Personal Journey

Schedule a complimentary 25 minute consultation with me to explore what you want, where you are now, and to determine what direction is best for you. You can live anywhere in the world and work with me.

Please note: If you’re looking for predictive palmistry, this is not the place.

About your session

This journey is about planting you fully in the present living your authentic self every day. Learn to give and receive with grace and love. It is not about predicting your future. I “predict” that you will be ready for anything the future throws your way including curve balls and treasure troves.

Don’t live nearby? No worries. I work face to face, on the phone and on-line.

Life Purpose Hand Analysisi

Private Consultation Options

Sessions are done face to face, on the phone or on-line depending on where you live.
Expect our time together to be fully interactive, deeply personalized, and recorded.
If you’re meeting with me at a distance, I’ll send instructions on how to capture
your hands and fingerprints with an ink print kit and/or photographs.
Life Purpose Mapping Session

Want the map to get you started on a new path or confirm you’re on the right path already? It’s all in your hands and fingerprints.

We’ll pinpoint your unique Soul Agenda, including your Life School, Life Purpose and Life Lesson, based on your fingerprints and capture the main theme from your Personality Psychology based on your palms, lines, and fingers.

Are you clear about your Life Purpose?

If so, are you living it fully every day? If not, do you want to discover it and find out what’s getting in the way?

And how about those daily frustrations:

  • Want to figure out why that money thing keeps raising it’s ugly head?
  • Ready to break unhealthy relationship patterns?
  • Determined to find more meaningful work that pays?
  • Wondering what’s next now that you are retiring or experiencing empty nest syndrome?

$254 – Includes:

  • A session recording
  • Notes highlighting the main themes of your session
  • Your Soul Psychology Cycle – the exalted zone and the vicious zone!
Transition Series - Three Sessions

Going through a big change in your life & know you need some guidance?

Session I: We’ll pinpoint your Soul Agenda, including your Life School, Life Purpose and Life Lesson, based on your fingerprints and capture the main theme from your Personality Psychology based on your palms, lines, and fingers.

Sessions II and III: We deepen the story and name and track the patterns that have been blocking you. I work with you to build your confidence and commitment to act on what you now know to be true about YOU and your most meaningful life path. This is core change and the tools you gain can be applied at any time in your life. 

You’ll leave with your formula – purpose + personality = potential

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you ready to do what it takes to make the changes you yearn for?

Are you willing to work in partnership with me as your Soul Coach, including “homework” in between sessions?

Can you commit the time and focus required to bust old habits and practice new ones?

Are you able to be truly honest with yourself?

$508 (3 sessions for the cost of 2!)

  • Includes Life Purpose Mapping Session
  • 2 additional sessions
  • Personalized toolbox to help you make the changes you desire.
  • Recordings of all 3 sessions.
VIP Program – Dreams to Reality

Once we’ve designed the best program for you, expect support each step of the way.

Why not get started building your dream life that supports you and your loved ones in every way? This series is designed to work on specific goals that reflect your Life Purpose and to create a support and accountability team. This coaching model helps you Identify, Track and Live your Life Purpose as you grow more conscious of what is getting in the way.

Are you fully committed to living your life purpose in order to step into a life that feeds your body, mind, soul and bank account?

Are you willing to work in between sessions to apply and practice what you’re learning?

$1797 – Includes:

  • Bi-monthly sessions over a 5 month period
  • Exercises and resources designed to complement the sessions
  • One-on-one email access in between sessions.
  • Recordings of all sessions
  • Complimentary LifePrints Report, 14–18 pg report outlining your Soul Agenda in detail
  •  Access to me via e-mail for 6 months following your sessions.
  • VIP discounts to Life Purpose Journey Groups, special rates for workshops and Hand Analysis training
  • Automatically on the list for limited enrollment opportunities to help you go deeper and uncover new treasures.

All sessions are recorded • Payment plans available

What You Can Expect From Me



Keen Intuition

Deep Respect

Soothing Manner

What my clients say

I was recently retired and in the middle of refocusing my life. This seemed like a unique approach. When I realized it had a strong scientific foundation and was not fortunetelling, I decided this might be what I was looking for to help me confirm and clarify my thoughts and feelings. Working with Janet helped me to more completely align my outer world with my inner world. Now I'm looking forward to what's next.
Judy B, Retired Music Teacher, NY
Janet is a true master guide. For me, having her reveal – through my fingerprints and lines and shapes in my hands – my lifelong areas of struggle (taking care of my body, not pushing myself so hard) and my passion (communicating to groups), helped me come to terms with both sides of my self which has benefited both my business and my personal journey.
Allison B, Movie Producer to Business Marketing, CA
Janet seemed knowledgeable and I knew I could work with her. Thanks to her, I have stepped up in my close relationships speaking my truth and sharing what I need more of. It has truly shifted these relationships and increased my self belief. I'm closer to husband because I speak up for what I need.
And she helped me step out more in my business for the same reasons.
Annemarie M, Senior Care Business, VT
It’s been 4 years ago now since my sessions you, and I feel that was the energetic beginning of an entire new soul and life purpose awareness for me. My time with Janet was catalyst for my new venture Present Source. Your gentle nature and penetrating analysis have supported me in this journey. Integrating spirituality and my intuition more fully has been so critical, just as you said it would be – and balancing that with intellect and my business experience..
Julie F, Former CEO turned Consultant, MA