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Expanded language of the heart

Heart Mastery – Beyond Sad, Glad and Mad


Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Flowers, chocolates fly off the shelves. How about a special gift that will last way beyond this one “contrived” day?

Here is the beautiful, powerful gift I’m referring to – allBrene Brown Atlas of the Heart about Heart Mastery. Check out: ATLAS of the HEART: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human Experience by Brene Brown, 2021. This might just be the best Valentine’s Day gift you or a loved one can receive. [And add a hand written card that shares your gratitude for having this person(s) in your life.]
The book includes personal stories and years of research. Brene goes beyond Sad, Glad and Mad – the classic catch all for how we are feeling. These are so limited, of course. She shows you how to expand the language of your heart and become a master of relationships. Or at least aspiring to be as I am!
To give you a taste…Can you describe the difference between anguish and grief, pride and hubris, joy and happiness, compassion and empathy, shame and guilt? Clearly identify how you truly feel. The bottom line is to foster our deep human desire to connect – to love and be loved.


Which gets me to my life long quest to be true, kind and curious in the realm of the heart.

That journey? To be a better listener. In close relationships, with my clients, as an activist, as a colleague. And, of course, to that gentle voice within. AND I’m learning the silence required to truly listen to nature and all its flora and fauna. Yes! Flora does have something to say!
Listen without judgment, listen from a place of curiosity. That’s my starting point. What’s yours?
May you love, be lovable, loving and loved. Here’s to Heart Mastery.

~ Janet

and, WAIT, there’s more…..

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