THE GOOD CONVERSATIONS SERIES Starts mid APRIL 2024. Join us ONLINE for a 3 part series for some good conversations in the group and out in the world. Come away with new tools to connect and to be heard. Improve the quality of your relationships and change the world along the way! Email me to find out more.

ENROLLMENT IS OPEN • Spring 2024 LIVE-IN PERSON Level I Hand Analysis Intensive Training in Burlington VT • Late April-dates TBD. Download the course description: Live Level I Intensive Training. Interested our ONLINE training? Email me for details.

Learn to Read Hands and Fingerprints

Are you a healer, counselor, coach, entrepreneur? Adopt a fresh new assessment tool. Capture your core consciousness and learn how to help your clients find theirs. The result? A life of abundance, creativity and meaning. Add hands to your healing practice or study to become a full-time Hand Analyst.

Are you moving forward but not sure how to take the next step on your path?  Need tools to navigate the twists and turns along the way? Our classes give you the focus and clarity to manage the fear that comes with change. Then you can move toward your goals with confidence using the most personal and accurate information there is. It’s all in your hands and fingerprints.

About The Program

Based on over 40 years of research, validation and application, our system of Scientific Hand Analysis is accurate and easily duplicated. The extensive curriculum is unparalleled in its quality and our modern teaching techniques incorporate all learning styles. Thousands of students around the world have learned to use Hand Analysis for personal growth and as a tool for helping others. To explore the possibilities, I invite you to CONTACT ME so that we can discuss where you are and where you want to go as a student.


Our system and the training curriculum has been developed and tested for over 46 years by the founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA), Richard Unger, with the help of his Master Teachers. Janet Savage and Ronelle Coburn, 2 of 6 IIHA sanctioned Master Teachers, work together to teach the Level I and Level II courses.

Level I

In Person and On-Line Intensive Training • Your Teacher – Janet Savage

  • Hold the key to unlock anyone’s “reason for being”
  • Know your own Life Purpose and what is getting in the way of living it
  • Benefit in 3 specific ways:
    • build trust in your intuition
    • learn the data that offers the doorway to a life of meaning
    • accelerate your personal path to abundance and fulfillment
  • Immediately apply the information to do practical and meaningful readings for others

Live Intensive: This is a 3 1/2 day learning retreat with 21 hours of class time. Course offered in the Spring and Autumn in Vermont, USA.

On-Line: Five weeks of Video Lectures and videos of previous students discussing hands. Tutoring sessions. Special exercises. Average time spent per week is 7 hours for 5 weeks.

Live Intensive: Late April 2024, dates TBD. Burlington, VT

Online: Contact for the next online training

Contact anytime to find out more and to get on the list. Small class size. Seats are limited for both live and online classes.

Level II

Online Certified Hand Analyst Training • Your Teachers – Ronelle Coburn & Janet Savage

Learn the entire database of the hands. Prepare yourself for the most powerful personal growth journey of your lifetime. Do you want access to the entire map of human consciousness written in the hands? This is the BEST hand analysis certification training program available taught by the most qualified teachers in the world.

  • Learn the database in Hands
  • Develop your intuitive and counseling style
  • Experience deep personal growth
  • Receive professional business training

Weekly flexible online video lectures, private and group tutoring time. 

Level I  Intensive. If you have studied with non-IIHA certified teachers, you may qualify. Contact us for information.

Dates TBD. Click on Learn More to contact Ronelle Coburn for more details.

About The Instructors

You learn from the HIGHEST QUALIFIED INSTRUCTORS who have undergone extensive graduate training in both Hand Analysis AND in the best practices of teaching the art and science of this system. Instructors of the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA) are trained in coaching techniques to guide you on your own path of personal self-discovery and growth. They have undergone rigorous supervision and agree to uphold the highest standards—for themselves and their students.

Learn from the best. Janet and Ronelle are 2 of 6 Master Teachers in the world sanctioned to teach the IIHA curriculum. Benefit from their combined 38 years of experience as full-time Hand Analysts.

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