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Star of Pluto: Radical Transformation or Upheaval and Destruction

Today let’s explore the Star of Pluto, one of the rarer gift markers in the hand.

First a short description of Pluto often equated with the Greek God Hades. I learned something as I read about these gods. One of the reasons I love sharing these topics with you is to catch the nuances of mythology and how it enriches the language of our hands and our lives.


Pluto is from Roman Mythology a.k.a Hades in Greek Mythology

Pluto is the God of riches – underground wealth – gems, gold, silvcr and seeds in the winter–stored bounty.

Hades is the God of the Underworld-Hell. He is often misunderstood. A just and reliable ruler in the underworld. Overseer of the wicked but not a torturer. Somebody has to have the job!

Although surprisingly different characteristics, they have challenges in common. They rule over the unseen world. Those souls or mortals entering this world can be blindsided, ill-prepared. And disaster can ensue.

To be prepared for this, us mortals must practice deep Introspection to avoid the consequences of wicked ways or upheaval and destruction.

Now let’s look at the upside and downside of the Star of Pluto – Radical Transformation.

THE GIFT OF PLUTO – The Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

The gift of Pluto - star under the pinky between the heart and head lines

If you have this marker, you possess the capacity to go through some kind of radical transformation turning upheaval and destruction into major change. In turn, you can help others do the same.

On the downside (all gift markers come with a penalty), if you don’t embrace your gift, you are likely to experience intense worldly pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain. Instead of learning from upheaval trusting it happened for a reason, you can get stuck in a cycle of destruction. Or experience unwanted change and may feel like a victim.

Fires, floods, accidents, bankruptcy, legal entanglements, unexpected loss of a job, physical breakdown, substance abuse, physical abuse…..Oh My!  This is the world of Pluto. Can you rise from the ashes and live another day with practical insight into the whys and the hows to avoid yet another disaster?

The quiet introspection of Pluto will go a long way as you turn yourself into a radical transformer.


If you relate to the upsides and/or downsides of this gift, perhaps you have a star. Use it or experience the painful penalty. Check out the image above to orient you to the standard location of the star of Pluto. The gift marker is a 6 or 8 pointed star in the zone of Pluto between the heart and head line. Can you spot the star in the inked hand print below? A star can be on either hand or both hands.

The Gift of Pluto-example and location



  • Red Cross Volunteer or Disaster Relief Coordinator
  • Narcotics or Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsor
  • Career Coach helping those transition to a new job after a sudden job loss
  • Financial Advisor for newly widowed partners to rebuild or protect assets
  • Insurance Advisors to protect against floods and fires
  • Safe House Coordinator
  • Funeral Home Consultants
  • Taking on what seem like lost causes (but not to you!)

NOTE: You can be in these fields and not have the Star of Pluto. Good news! You’re less likely to experience the penalty of the gift.

We all go through upheaval and disaster of some kind in our lives. Are you up to the task of transforming it into a positive? Can you be better prepared for the next challenge? May we all help each other rise from the ashes. If Pluto is your gift, this is your life.

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