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Check out these videos and TV and Radio interviews. Learn more about the benefits of Hand Analysis and Janet Savage, Master Hand Analyst.

Spiritual Teacher

Have Moon Whorls? Life Purpose is to Seek Deep Spiritual Truth

What if your Life Purpose is in the Moon? You’re going to love these 3 fabulous seekers and meaning makers. Over the past weeks, I was privileged to interview 3 individuals who hold their Life Purpose in the palm of their hands – literally! Hoping for a 4th interview as a bonus. Stay tuned! Listen […]

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Delicious Dilemmas

Your Delicious Dilemmas Cooked to Perfection

I just did a delicious interview with Jeannie Lynch which is now on her YouTube channel: Helping You Live the Life Your Soul Intended. The notion of Delicious Dilemmas revealed in our hands was a theme that kept popping up. Before venturing into what we mean by this and exploring some examples, jump right in

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Your hands and fingerprints

SOUL VITAMINS-Take Your Prescription

Enjoy These Three Videos What special soul vitamins do you need to breathe LIFE into your Soul Journey? I had fun recording these videos so hope you have fun viewing them-fingerprints, thumbs and heart lines….comments always appreciated! GO HERE – “Soul Psychology” to learn more about your Fingerprints-Soul Vitamins extraordinaire – Prescription 1 GO HERE

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The power of your hands to guide you to your purpose

[VIDEO] Janet Savage, Master Hand Analyst • Modern Palmistry

Want to know how hands guide you using Modern Palmistry? The answers are here. Modern Palmistry with a scientific base. Check out this interview with Janet Savage, Master Hand Analyst and Master Teacher. I do an on the post palm and fingerprint reading of the host towards the end. It’s worth listening to all of

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