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gift markers in the palm

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts! Which Gift Markings Doth Your Hands Hold?

Gift Markings in the hands! Hope you have some?  Let’s see if you can identify the ones you have. You may not have any, by the way. And that can be a good thing. You’ll see why.

We’re starting a new series to help you identify the gift markers in your hands. What they mean. The upside and downside of each one. We’ll be doing some blog posts with examples and some video posts. After all ya gotta see where the gifts are and what they look like.

How exciting to be told you have a special gift…or maybe more than 1 or 2 or 3. Cool!

Not so fast. Gift markings show up because the owner is reluctant to use them. They have a unique set of stumbling blocks for you to trip on – challenges to go through so that you eventually “get it right” (or not!) Intriguing? And scary?

Look for the hand maps containing the name and location of all possible gifts markings. And LINKS to the Gifted Healer and the Persephone and Octopus Brain. All at the bottom of this post.

The keys to understanding how gift markings operate:

  • They show up in the major and minor lines in your hands
  • They are there to serve your Soul Purpose which is revealed in your fingerprints
  • Some gifts can come and go – strengthen and weaken, depending on how well you’re managing the challenges that are inevitable
  • There are possible 18 Gift Markings in hands – the more the merrier, right? Not if you’re running in many directions trying to figure out how to harness the energy of each one. Not if you’re stuck in the penalty box frozen into inaction or misdirection.
  • Each one represents:
    • A yearning deep within you to express this gift
    • A special talent or capability
    • A responsibility to express this; to make your gift one of the centerpieces of your life. Otherwise, you get to experience the penalty. Each has it’s own unique downside that can send you into a tailspin. Use it or lose it; Grow it or deprive it. OWWWW! It can hurt if you are not expressing your special gift in the world and at home.

The good news about this last one is that once you stumble and pick yourself up as you push through the resistance to step up to the responsibility as a gifted person, huge rewards come your way. Instead of stumbling blocks, you now have stepping stones to build the life you want. Your Soul Purpose now has some tangible ways of expressing itself. Yahoo!

We’re here to serve our gifts as they serve our Soul Purpose. Then we get to serve the world!

Drum roll please!

Here are all the possible gift markings in the hand and their location.

Eighteen Possible Gift Markers in the hands


Start by checking out the Gifted Healer.


Then head to 2 examples of gifted thinking – Persephone and Octopus Head Lines.


 Contact me if you’d like to schedule a gift marker inspection of your own hands. We can do this in person, via the phone or Zoom.

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