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Turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stoens

[Your 5 Step Challenge] Turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones

I recently returned from the 5th year of exhibiting and presenting at the Natural Living Expo in Massachusetts. I met some fabulous people. Relished in the questions and comments from the participants in my workshop. And now I’m grateful to have some delightful new clients.

HandTales Booth at the Natural Living Expo

Terri, a special student of mine, and me having fun in the HandTales Booth

Over the years, I’ve noticed a theme emerge at these expos. Many seekers who come by the booth say the same thing when I mention something in their hands. “I’ve been told this by healers over the years”. My reply – Great! Are you doing anything about it?

Have you said this to me or to another healer? If yes, before you start the 5 Step Challenge to catalyze and make real what you know to be true, check all those that apply:

  • XXX has been Confirmed/Affirmed
  • You feel Validated
  • BUT you’re in the same place you were when you first heard it
  • Your reason? You have too many stumbling blocks that keep you from owning your purpose and your gifts and building your dream.
  • OR best case, you have finally owned XXX; decided to take action; got the support you needed
  • You’re on the right path, but now you’re stuck trying to turn that next corner – next level, please!

Who are you really? And are you owning it?

Sorry folks, but I feel that the majority of you who get that confirmation aren’t committed (yet!) to do what it takes to shift into becoming the:
the Healer – emotional, physical …..
the Leader who has found her/his sphere of influence
the Teacher/Mentor
the Warrior who has embraced a specific cause
the Innovator who is finally standing up to the critics
the Emotional Master here to connect and build trust

…. And the list goes on

Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones

What does it take to turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones?

There are many reasons why you aren’t being true to your calling yet. Resistance is a big part of what may be stopping you. Some of the reasons why you’re resisting are valid and some may just be excuses. Change ain’t easy. You know that.

What does it take to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones? To start and maintain momentum toward your dream? Here are some common stumbling blocks: health challenges, money constraints, trapped in an unsupportive relationship, or just PLAIN FEAR of risking everything. Yup! I do tell people if you’re going “all in”, you have to be willing to give up everything. Scary indeed! And worth it in the long run at least from my experience.

Want to hear a bit about me and how I turned those stumbling blocks around? Read my short story now OR skip right down to the Five Step Challenge I’ve cooked up for you.

My Story

Here’s my short story on embracing my gifts, purpose and doing what it takes to take action.

I worked in government and academia for 30 years. Yet, a voice inside me kept saying, Is this what you really want? Is this who you really are?

What I did know is that I wanted to have my own business someday. My parents were entrepreneurs so I had role models. And I witnessed how hard it was for them to be successful. So maybe, I just wasn’t up to facing that fear of failing. They didn’t, BTW.

In my 40’s, I started to inch toward independence. I became a consultant while I was still safely, fully employed. I tried a direct sales business. I hooked up with a friend and colleague to start a food and health based business.

And I learned a lot along the way. Other then getting paid as a consultant, I couldn’t make the other business tries work. But I was determined and kept trying. I won’t go on and on here. In short, when I discovered hands, I was ready. Right time, right tool! And after 20 years, I still love what I do and would never turn back to claim security or prestige or ….. What are your defaults I wonder?

My key takeaways from this journey from employee to solo-preneur:

  • Right Tool/Right Time – Sometimes you just have to be patient and trust

  • You can’t do it alone – I could not have stepped into this world of hands if it wasn’t for a supportive healing community, my mentors, my partners in ventures. And in hiring the right people to help me where I was clueless.

  • Which brings me to the next key point – you have to be willing to invest in yourself and in your business or health or relationship support. I had/and still have the vestiges of the scarcity syndrome. “It’s too much money” “I can’t afford it” “I’ll just figure it out myself”

  • On the business front – Not everyone is cut out to be out there building their own business. It takes an enormous amount of commitment, time management, belief AND forgiveness when you get stuck – I say I am fiercely unemployable and will do what it takes – with a little help from my friends, of course 🙂

Now for your 5 step challenge

Get a notebook or pad and pen ready to answer the following questions:

1. If you’re in the same place in two years, how will it feel? First reactions – write them down.

2. Now try some WHAT IF’s (in 2 parts)

a. What if I do this, I’ll go broke, my partner will leave me, I’ll be too stressed and out of balance – fill in the blanks about those negative What If’s

b. Try WHAT IF I do this and I’m excited and motivated. My commitment is stronger than ever. Fill in what you want to feel if you took the risk.

3. Listen to this audio on Five Ways to Make Peace with Your Resistance If you’re a HandTales Member, you may have received this as one of your 3 audio gifts when you signed up. Listen to it again. It’ll get your mojo working better!

4. Now note what kind of Stumbling Blocks may well be all about Reistianceresistance are you facing?Just write out a bunch of Yes Buts. I want to do this, but. I am so tired of where I am, but …..

5. Visit what you said in #2 Your What If’s. And know that you can’t do it alone. We all need support as we embrace true selves and enter the “unknown”. Change ain’t easy and commitment is hard to maintain…reach out to me CONTACT. Or identify someone you trust who can support you each step of the way.

I’m cheering for you. And I know how hard it can be. Been there. But I also know how exciting and satisfying it is to decide and act on your behalf to claim and live the life you deserve. GO FOR IT! No more Stumbling Blocks. Just Stepping Stones.

This is really part one of a series– all about doing something about what you’ve been told you’re meant to do/be. So, throughout December I’ll be sharing some wisdom and tools that have helped me succeed in business, in relationships, in life. Take that challenge and I’ll help you along the way.

CONTACT me now if you want to know more about how I can help you get unstuck and ready to go.