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The Gifted Leader vs. the Bully or the Wimp

Mythology is rich in archetypal characters and allows us mortals to pinpoint some of the qualities needed to be truly human and relatable. This time we’re exploring the Gifted Leader. Jupiter (Zeus in Greek mythology) is our guide. As the picture of geese in formation imply, you can not get to your destination alone. You must be willing to lead and to follow. To feel empowered and to empower others.

As with all the other Gift Markers in the hand, if you have the Gift of the Leader, your job is to grow into it, find your Mojo* and step up everyday.

*Mojo is the moment when we do something that’s purposeful, powerful, and positive and the rest of your world recognizes it.

And if you don’t? You get to live in the penalty. Want to be a Leader? Or do you want to be the bully or a wimp. You get to choose. That’s one of the qualities of the leader – he or she can make clear, wise choices. Check out last month’s musings about choosing and the leader.

Discern Decide and Act. This is your mantra as you ascend the mountain of authority. As you carefully design your “throne”.

Let’s get to know the Leader in you:

Where is the gift in the hand?

Take a look at these 2 hands. Note the star formations under the index finger, a.k.a. Jupiter finger. Check for a 5 or 6 legged star. You may have more than one as the 2nd example shows.

look under the index finger on either hand
Gift of the Leader – one star – Example 1


Leader of Leaders or standing behind someone else's throne
Gift of the Leader – multiple stars – example 2

Now you know where to look. Let’s learn more about:

  • The qualities of a true leader
  • What it might feel like to shy away from this gift
  • Who else needs to be on the journey to hone you into a refined, empowering being
  • The unique qualities of the introvert as leader
  • How you can it “fake it until you make it”

 • The qualities of the Gifted Leader

Here’s Jupiter sitting on his throne. Add these to your leader list too:

Clear about what you want

Clear ideals and vision

Clear about your specific sphere of influence

Clear boundaries


Able to lead from your heart

Willing to learn by being a discerning follower

• And if you shy away from this gift????

Here are some downsides or the penalty phase of the Gifted Leader. Have you been there, done that? Doing it now?

As you can see, the penalties are many and at times painful.

Power in the world and personal power challenges


• Who else needs to join the journey to hone your gifted leader into a refined and empowering being?

To avoid power going to your head. To avoid the bully phase. To find the true center of your power…. Jupiter’s brothers need to join the journey. The story goes that Jupiter beat out his brothers, Neptune and Pluto, for the top spot – to become the head of all the gods.

The virtues of Neptune and Pluto are essential to develop the extra qualities Jupiter needs to truly feel empowered and to empower others.

Neptune, the god of sea, represents emotional depth. Remember the true leader in you must lead from your heart – including knowing your own and being empathetic to others.

Pluto, the god of the underworld, represent introspection. You can not lead from the outside, you have to lead from within. Are you able to look inside and discern what’s needed; how you’re “behaving” and what kind of impact you’re making?


• How about Introversion and Leadership?

Here in the U. S. A. extroverts dominate the conversion to seems. And there are some powerful and advanced extroverted leaders out there.

Many of my clients are introverts. When I tell them they have the Life Purpose of the Leader or the Gift of the Leader in their Hands, you can guess where the conversation goes. Not doing that, don’t like the spotlight, too exhausting…..

Yet the contribution and influence of famous introverts has been profound. To begin believing how, you as an introvert, can be a powerful  influence, start by checking out Susan Cain, Quiet: Unlocking the Power of Introverts. She has a great TED talk too, The Power of Introverts (yes, as an introvert she did get up on stage!!)


• How can you fake it until you make it?

Check in with your decision-making muscle. Are  you deferring too much to others? Do you tend to procrastinate or over think a situation ending in paralysis or numbness? Do you hate the idea of leadership because you are an introvert or are convinced that power corrupts? Or it’s just too much responsibility.

Get over it. You’re a leader. Let’s get on with the business of influencing and empowering others. Remember those penalties??

So what do I mean by fake it until you make it? Start with your body and a smile. Check out 2 great TED talks and get inspired. Hunt for them on your own: Your Body Language Shapes Who Your are, Amy Cuddy. And The Hidden Power of Smiling, Ron Gutman.

See the video of the Gifted Leader on YouTube. Join me on my You Tube for more videos and become a subscriber to view news ones.


Phew!  That was a lot about Power and Leadership. Hope you leaders or aspiring leaders out there, found this inspiring.

Go forth and Lead us, please,


~ Janet


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