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Moon gifts

Are you a Moon Walker? Gift Markers brought to you by Luna.

My Story-the “Moon Walker”

Many moons ago, I set out on a quest. After 30 years in the same profession, I was ready for something new. Something that gave me more meaning and zest. Something that I could call my own. Thanks to a trusted friend, I found what I was looking for. And it was right here in front of me. The answers were there all along, you guessed it, in my hands.

Moon markers in the palm of our hand - What does this have to do with the “Moon Walker”? Alana Unger, who is Richard Unger’s wife, initially read my hands. Side Note: Richard Unger is the founder of our International Institute of Hand Analysis. Alana said that I had most likely been burned at the stake for being a “witch”. Feel free to take this metaphorically or literally! Later in the reading she called me a Moon Walker.

Now I come from a scientific background, steeped in the world of rational. Needless to say, I was a little skeptical. Have you ever had a little birdie chirp in your ear to say – Listen carefully. What you’re hearing might just be true? Well that birdie sang her heart out. Who knew! I left my academic position in California over 17 years ago and emerged as a Scientific Life Purpose Hand Analyst.

Turns out I had 3 of the 3 possible Gifts that inhabit Luna’s territory. Boy! Was I reluctant to own these gifts. Thank heavens for my wonderful guides. Luna, a.k.a the Moon, in short, is about heightened awareness, the quest for meaning and the willingness to go into the dark to find the light.

Palmistry Gifts from the Moon-Luna Territory

This next episode in our Gift Marker Series is all about this. We’ll be peeking at Luna/the Moon and the gifts that reside there. And for those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s a perfect time of the year to dwell in the dark whether we like it or not!

As a reminder – We’re here to serve our gifts as they serve our Soul Purpose. Then we get to serve the world! Ahhh, but what happens when we avoid our gifts? The dreaded and all so necessary penalty bites us and wakes us up (or sends us into a coma :-}). You get to choose.

First let’s look at the upside and down side of what the Moon, has to offer. Then I’ll name the 3 gifts with their subtle differences showing you some visual examples.


Qualities and Quandries of the Moon

THE THREE GIFTS – All about deep meaning

Process information through intuition

PERSEPHONE: This gift is about the way you take in and communicate information. It’s a special intelligence – wisdom drawn from the well of your deep unconscious. Your thinking is based on your feelings, your gut, your intuition. “Knowing without knowing”. The line marked in Turquoise is an example below…starting from under the index finger and curving down into the Moon.

To read more about the Persephone Head Line–upsides and downsides, please visit my post on Head Line Gifts

MOON STARS: This gift resides in the Moon – that fleshy part of the hand furthest away from the index finger. It’s about flashes of insight that can Location of your moon star is keycome and go. “We interrupt our regular programming to give you this message”. Now you just have to learn to trust it when it comes your way!

Location is everything. For these examples in Green, the deeper the star, the deeper the insight. Think shaman, mystic, dream interpreter, on journeys to the dark night of the soul and back. If the Star is higher up in Moon Territory like the second example, then think practical insights based on making core connections for people. Think Life Coach, Creativity Coach, Guidance Counselor, Minister, maybe a Medical Intuitive.

The 1st image also includes a Persephone Head Line – a double dose of moon gift!

LINE OF CLAIRVOYANCE: This gift embodies the qualities of the Moon Star. The difference is that you have ready/steady access to its offer of clear seeing. You have the ability to lift the veil of confusion and disillusionment for others so that they can find the deep meaning in what might appear hopeless or, well, unclear. Often the line crosses Pluto Territory giving the owner the extra ability to help people in crisis to experience deep transformation through death and rebirth cycles.

Clear seeing of all kindsThere are several versions of Clairvoyance –

Clairvoyant – Clear seeing, See Auras, Take visual clues from the environment or person

Clairaudient – Clear hearing, Take in Sounds around you

Clairsentient – Clear sensing/feeling, Gets emotional cues, are more Physical, Kinesthetic sensing

Clairtangent – Know through touch, get messages from a person’s body ( along the lines of the Clairsentient)

Claircognizant – Clear knowing, get information, words, knowledge from flashes of insight that come to you/through you

Look for a curved line starting somewhere in the Moon and curving like this example.

This line of Clairvoyance goes from the bottom of the Moon through Pluto (just above the Moon)

Some Lines of Clairvoyance live in the Moon alone and may be harder to access.

If you’re a “Moon Walker” like me, welcome to the tribe of meaning-makers. Want to know how to exalt your gift while you navigate the penalty? Get in touch and I can guide you to living in heightened awareness as you seek and claim deeper meaning in your life. Happy Digging!