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Have a Mercury Star under your pinky?

The Star of Mercury – Special Ingenuity vs. Dulled Perceptions

Let’s start with the many facets of Mercury before we dive into the gift of Special Ingenuity,

Are you an expert in Negotiations, Strategy, Sales …. Persuasive …. A Wise Advisor in matters of Intimacy and Trust… Have Special Healing talents? These are just a few of the many attributes of Mercury. This God is the hub of communication in the Pantheon of Gods.

Oh, let’s show off Mercury a little more and add business acumen, oratory brilliance, scientific insights. You’d think you’d be getting a swelled head by now if you are a Mercurian! Is this your territory? Let’s find out.

The pinky finger and mount under it is Mercury’s terrain and home to 3 Gift Markers. You can learn about 2 of the gifts – The Healer and the Messenger by clicking on these links.

Now we’re going to celebrate the 3rd Gift – that of Special Ingenuity-Mercury Stars.:

Where are the Mercury Stars?
What is the Upside?
What is the Downside?
How can it be applied in different aspects of a Mercury profession or practice?

1. Where are the Mercury Stars?

The gift of Special Ingenuity is marked by a 5 or 6 or 8 pointed star on the Mount of Mercury. The mount is right under the finger. Sometimes it’s hard to spot. Why? Commonly the star is masked by many more lines in this area perhaps weakening it’s strength. (Research Project!!)

These mercury stars are on the hands of my former students. And they are beauties-as in the star and my students! Hope you can spot them. Perhaps you have one too! Check both hands.

Special Ingenuity double time

Gift Marker - Stars under Mercury

Upside: Special Ingenuity

Just what is Special Ingenuity?
• Fountain of clever ideas
• Flashes of “genius” and insight in solving practical problems
• Seeing the parts of a system or situation and finding the connections to come to a solution
• Original ideas/a new angle brought to a common problem
• Keen perception

Downside: Dulled Perception

Trust these flashes and say it out loud OR experience the penalty. As with all of the 18 gift markers in a person’s hands, this one comes with a penalty too.

You could live in doubt about the idea that flashed before you as this special gift can come and go – literally flash off and on. Trust is key here. You’re flashing! Go with it!!

When the light bulb is turned off, are you:
• Uninspired
• Imitative
• Dulled in your perceptions
• Loaded with impractical, pie in the sky ideas that land like lead balloons or fizzle
• Clueless about self and/or others – ALERT: relationship red flags (catch here is that you’re clueless so you might not even know what’s going on :-))

How can you apply this gift of Special Ingenuity in your area of expertise or interest?

This is more of an exercise rather then an answer. If you own one or more of these lovely stars here’s what I suggest:

1. Are you a healer, small business person with a product, a lawyer, in sales, part of a research team in a corporation? Fill in the blank __________________________________

2. Do you identify with the upside or the downside the majority of the time? Try for a percentage here. 80% upside or …….

3. Name 3 specific times that the special gift has helped you in your area of interest or expertise.

4. When the light bulb is turned off do you go into doubt and challenges with relationship cluelessness or are you getting better at just being patient and waiting for the next flash of special ingenuity? Affirmation – when my special ingenuity flashes on, I’m ready!

May you celebrate your flashes of brilliance. Let me know if you have one of these beauties.

~ Janet