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Distil Complex information into crytal clear messages

Gifts! The Gifted Messenger

Ready to bring your special gift of communication or are you happy on the treadmill of life?

You are a messenger. What kind do you want to be? To Watch a Video on the Gifted Messenger GO HERE

Listen to this audio – Three Stories from Gifted Messengers who use their gifts and those who don’t ! Click here to download.

LOCATION:   We’ve covered some lovely Gift Territory already. The 3 Headline Gifts, a.k.a. thinking prowess (the 3 headlines do not show up in this map) and the Gifted Healer, a.k.a. the Inspirational Communicator. The Gifted Messenger has her own communication specialty.
Palmistry-18 gift maker possibilities

Where does the Gifted Messenger, a.k.a. Lines of Genius, show up in the hand?

Notice the vertical lines at the tip of the pinky finger. To qualify as a gifted messenger, you have to have 3 or more that go two thirds of the way up the tip of the finger.

If you have these markings, you have a “genius” for translating complicated concepts into clear, graspable ideas. As a gifted messenger, you are here to a share a mesmerizing message with your audience. They’ll come away with a deep understanding of what might have been out of their reach Gifted Messengers can Simplify and let the necessary speakbefore.

Some of you may express this gift in the form of problem solving prowess. Come into a situation where everyone has question marks in their thought bubbles and you have that light bulb effect – shedding light on the answer that was there all along. You’ve just cut through the stuff that wouldn’t work. And Shaza! Like magic – you’ve got the solution!

Remember – you have a gift. If you’re not using it, in this case finding, honing and sharing your message, then you get to experience the penalty. This is true for every gift that shows up in a hand.  Let’s look at the good news first.


UPSIDE POSSIBILITIES for the Messenger and how you get there

Messengers can wear many hats – the Gifted Messenger can excel as a:

What are you good at


  • Author/Writer
  • Speaker
  • TV/Radio Performer
  • Song Writer
  • Teacher
  • Persuader (as in sales or as a guide helping others find their voice and claim what they need)




  1. Find Your Message

What are you yearning to express?

What personal stories have shaped you?

What themes keep repeating in your life?

  1. Find the vehicle for that message

Do you love to write?

Do you love to teach?

Do you love to speak publicly?

What do others say about your special talent as a messenger?

  1. Now take action – set intentions and just do it, practice it and do it some more….. If you don’t …….

You may be a good teacher, writer , speaker …. already. But you have this gift marking for a reason. You must face the penalty so that you can have the upside and downside to fully craft your message to the masses.

DOWNSIDE POSSIBILITIES – the dreaded penalty

If you don’t follow those 3 steps and commit to your message? Guess what? You get to be a treadmill captive or perhaps chasing your tail and going now where fast.

Check in with yourself now –

  • Are you busy solving everyone else’s problems?
  • Expending lots of energy but going no where that feeds your messenger spirit?
  • Is the inner critic coming up with LOTS of reasons why you shouldn’t give up your treadmill comfort to focus on your message? “No one wants to hear it anyway!!!!!”.
  • Are you attracting naysayers who want you to stay right where you are? After all, they may like your problem solving, crystallizing abilities to help them.


To Watch a Video on the Gifted Messenger GO HERE