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Easy is part of hard. Resistance is part of flow

Why Does Easy Require Hard – Flow Require Resistance?

Easy needs Hard, Flow needs Resistance
This topic – to get to Easy you have to pass through Hard; to get to Flow you have to pass through Resistance – has been on my mind for awhile. Yet I was reluctant to write this post. How can I talk about personal growth when the world is an inferno, a flood, a perpetual war? When families are displaced and struggling to feed their children and to keep them safe?

But you’re a Hand Analyst, Janet. My job is to help you go from hard and resistance to easy and flow

Then I caught myself. You’re a Hand Analyst! My mission is to plant my clients in the who and why of them. First discover, claim and learn to live as your best self. Then you can go forth and figure out the what, where and when of your special service to the world. And it can almost feel easy. Until hard pops up again. Personal growth ain’t for sissies!

The key is that the more you stay grounded in the YOU of YOU, you’re less likely to go numb. To get paralyzed by anger or despair. To act out in ways that do NOT serve the world.

My musings this month are about the dance of easy and hard on the path to living on purpose and in the flow of your life. Change is required along the way including small adjustments and big leaps.

It ain’t easy to change and to do what it takes to go down a new and improved path. Am I right?

Let’s just say that you are committed to do what it takes to change something that’s not working in your life? Yes? Great. Do you feel clearer, more focused, excited and hopeful for the first time in a while? Sure those first steps can be scary, but some part of you knows you’ve made the RIGHT DECISION and a sense of relief washes over you. I’M DOING THIS!!

Or, are you living in resistance and yearning to bust out of that inertia? If so, my aim this month is that once you’ve read my article, you’ll be ready to do what it takes…and to find the support you need.

My Story about Easy and Hard • Flow and Resistance

To illustrate what I mean about this easy/hard stuff, I’d like to share a short story about this in my life. My Niece said to me the other day, “That’s a nasty scar on your knee, Auntie J”. I replied that it is a daily reminder that I have a new life and I have to be committed to stay on the path.

For years, I resisted and rationalized why I didn’t need knee surgery until I couldn’t walk and my body was whacked out big time. Finally, I had no choice. This is the kind of change that is required. And sometimes it’s just that we desire something new.

Four and a half years ago, I came out of anesthesia after a total knee replacement. The first thing I saw was a leg that lay flat on the bed and I was no longer bowlegged. Eureka!

Not so fast! I had to go through weeks of pain medication that made me sick. And painful rehab that wasn’t easy. Slowly I began to walk normally again – sort of. I began to do things that I had been unable to do for years. But my body was seriously out of alignment after moving unnaturally for almost 30 years.

Ahhhh! Now after 6 months of committed work, I was finally back to doing the things that gave me joy. I could hike, garden, bike, do yoga, dance.

Not so fast! Heard of the Zig Zag effect? When you take care of one issue on one side of your body, the other side protests. About 18 months into my “new lease on life”, just when I thought I was on easy street because I did the hard stuff, I got painful sciatica on the other side of my body. It’s been a long road back to being strong and in alignment. To be in the flow of my life.

Now a friend I walk with occasionally catches me limping and asks why. Oops! Falling back into old patterns – so easy to do after walking wrong for 30 years. So easy takes serious commitment…kind of counter-intuitive, right?

What I learned about getting to Easy by passing through Hard so that I could be in the Flow of my Life:

  1. Change is hard; overcoming resistance to make changes whether required or desires is hard
  2. Once I committed to do what it takes, it got easier
  3. I was tested all along – hard comes up to bite me even now to see if I’m still up to the task
  4. I can not do this alone…..I have amazing allies to help me heal and to gently offer me perspective when I stray from my focused commitment
  5. Falling back into familiar habits and old patterns is easy until going there is too hard
  6. The rewards are many when I stay committed to easy and to find your flow

Some Resources to Help You Get to the Flow You Want

I can not do this alone…..If you agree with my #4 in Lessons Learned, then check out the many ways you can work with me. GO HERE for the 3 levels of consultations.


Change is hard; overcoming resistance to make changes whether required or desires is hard ….. If you agree with #1 of my Lessons Learned, then check out this Audio on Resistance Busting.


You are tested all along – hard comes up to bite you and see if you’re still up to the task ….. If you agree  with #2 in Lessons Learn – that they’re aren’t any quick fixes, then check out this powerful article by Lissa Rankin, Spiritual By-Passing.

2 thoughts on “Why Does Easy Require Hard – Flow Require Resistance?”

  1. Loved reading the story about getting a new knee and what you had to go through to come to natural state of being. Congratulations on getting through all that painful stuff to your new reality.

    1. Thanks, Sandra. It’s a full time job staying strong and pain free! How are you doing, my friend. It’s been a Looooong time.

      ~ Janet

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