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Are you willing to step into your own spotlight?

The Apollo Star – Creative Expression vs. I Don’t Belong

If you yearn to create, to bring beauty, to add a touch of uniqueness to this world, thank you! Congratulations for using your gift of creative expression.

Ever felt that you don’t belong!  Well of course! If you’re a creative type and you haven’t found your special creative niche, your tribe and audience, what is it going to feel like? It might just feel as if you’re adrift in a sea of folks who don’t see you and don’t care about your yearning to “spill your guts on the canvas of your life” This is a phrase Alana Unger, one of my mentors, uses it to describe those of us who yearn for creative expression.

Or it may be you’re not feeling the creative urge and you’ve convinced yourself that you are just an “ordinary person”. NOT! Check out the penalties for not using your gift.

If you have an Apollo star under your ring finger, then this is your gift to express to the world. Remember the requirements for one who owns a gift marker? Then you know if you don’t claim it, grow it, live it, you’re gonna experience the penalty. Check out the 1st in our Gift Marker Series to jog your memory.

Here we go:
What does an Apollo Star look like?
What are the upside possibilities?
What is the lineup of possible penalties if you’re not using it?

You can start by viewing this short video on the Gift of Apollo.

Now see if you can find an star under Apollo. If so, do you identify with the Upside possibilities or the Penalty possibilities?


What does the gift of Creative Expression look like?

Under the ring fingerApollo Stars are under the ring finger, a.k.a. Apollo finger (left or right hand)Can you spot this messy star under the ring finger?

Example one to the left: Easy to spot – stands alone

Example two to the right: Other lines want to occupy the space, but I’m sure you can spot it.

Example three: Two stars on a live hand (photo). Not so easy to spot as there are lots of lines to decipher.

Got one? Check out your family and friends too! If you/they have an Apollo Star, share this post with them!

What are the upside possibilities?This is all about living fully in your creative, unique being

Apollo types need approval, applause, appreciation, and acknowledgement. This is NOT ego talking in the advanced version. Think for a moment about your favorite authors, actors, speakers, neighborhood “bright lights”… . What if they didn’t step into their own beautiful light and shine it out to us? It would be a gray world indeed.

Here’s how you might shine your light if you have the Gift of Apollo – Creative Expression.

Now let’s get to those of you who have the Apollo Gift but you haven’t found your creative core. Have not stepped out to find your audience as you invite the applause, appreciation … . Have not found like-minded creative souls – your tribe. Many who shy away from this gift have a fear of rejection.

What is the lineup of possible penalties if you’re not steeped in your own unique creative expression?

Not growing your creative expression?





Now you get to choose. Please embrace the individual you are and shine that light out to us. Who wants gray!


3 thoughts on “The Apollo Star – Creative Expression vs. I Don’t Belong”

  1. Dear Janet,

    Thanks for your video and articles.

    Why do we have the penalty if you do not use our gift?

    I have this gift marking. But I do not do the creative things because of the circumstance. Will I get the penalty?

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Hi, Jan: Like everything in the hand, there are upside and downside possibilities. The down side of not using your gifted potential comes with a stiff penalty. We’ve come to this knowledge through years of application. If you have a gift, you have a responsibility to claim it and grow it. Otherwise the penalty will offer you an incentive to do just that. Our theory is that if we have a gift, we are reluctant to own it. For example, you can be an extraordinary healer and not have the gift of the healer in your hand. That means you are less likely to experience withdrawal, isolation and blocked intimacy. If you have the gift in your hands, that’s the penalty for your reluctance to step up into your healership. Hope this makes sense!


      ~ Janet

    2. Janet, On another note – if you have the Apollo Star as you say and you’re circumstances do not allow you to express your individuality – to step up into the spotlight, then the penalty may come up. IF there is a way you can bring beauty and a spark of creativity into your everyday life, that will heop.

      ~ Janet

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