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Delicious Dilemmas

Your Delicious Dilemmas Cooked to Perfection

I just did a delicious interview with Jeannie Lynch which is now on her YouTube channel: Helping You Live the Life Your Soul Intended. The notion of Delicious Dilemmas revealed in our hands was a theme that kept popping up.

Before venturing into what we mean by this and exploring some examples, jump right in and view the video. It will give you a taste of the amazing power of your hands and a little bit more about my journey. And it’s fun!


How does the pairing of opposites feed your soul?

Now, let’s go on a tasting tour of your hands. It might be tastier (and cheaper) than a tour to Tuscany, Italy or to Oaxaca, Mexico both known for fine food with the best of ingredients. We’re going to take a look at your delicious dilemmas.

You’ve heard of pairing ingredients in a recipe or pairing food and wine. Going a step further, adventurous chefs pair unlikely flavors to create a new taste sensation – like the pairing of chocolate and chili or watermelon and feta cheese. Note the lead image of chocolate and chili pairing. Yum to some! Yuck to others!

What if the pairing I’m talking about is about the pairing of opposites in YOU to find the perfect combo to feed you soul? What at first appears as a mismatch, a doomed pairing may in the end be the essential combination of ingredients you’ve been looking for on your path to meaning. We call this your “Delicious Dilemmas”.

What do we mean by Delicious Dilemmas and how can they be a good thing?

Are you stuck between what you are good at doing and what is more meaningful? Are you favoring one side of yourself over another – thinking vs. feelings, introversion vs. getting out there, holding on to security vs. taking a leap of faith?

What if owning both sides of you in balance is the answer here. It’s more than possible; it’s essential.

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Your hands reveal your unique DELICIOUS DILEMMAS –DYNAMIC OPPOSITES – CORE CONTRADICTIONS. Everyone one of us has them and they function as growth catalysts partly by busting you out of inertia. Here are some definitions to start us off:

DILEMMA: A situation or predicament that requires a choice between options that are or seem equally unfavorable or mutually exclusive. Looks like you can’t have both at once.

INERTIA: Sir Isaac Newton was on to something when he described INERTIA. It’s the innate force of matter is to resist change. An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalancing force.

Let’s translate – So you’re stuck, absolutely stopped in your tracks. Or you’re barreling down the same track (or stuck in a hamster wheel) and not getting the results you want. Both qualify as Inertia. If you’re stuck in a rut, “same old, same old”, your apple cart needs to be upset we guarantee it. You need to hit the road block and over the cart goes. No way out of it. This is your wake up call.

You know the saying–doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

There MUST be opposing forces to ignite consciousness, to create energy for positive change. How do we find the right recipe to blend these opposites?

That’s where the deliciousness of our opposites comes into play.

In short, delicious dilemmas are opposite strengths or inclinations where you might feel torn or conflicted.


Check out these examples. Munch on them while you discover your perfect recipe to combine YOUR Delicious Dilemmas.


According to her Soul Agenda (found in the Fingerprints) she has a Life Purpose of Success in Spotlight, a.k.a. The Successful Artist. AND she has an introverted personality as shown in her hands – thumbs held close to her hands, a rational idealist/reserved other oriented heart line who prefers to think about feelings vs. display feelings to public. Add large upper sections of her fingers meaning she may prefer to stay in her mind/the world of concepts and ideas. Voila! You have the perfect delicious dilemma here – the need to step out into the world to be seen and to be this creative force in the public’s eye (potentially to be judged and stared upon too.Yikes!!!) vs.the safety of staying inside and imagining her world rather than displaying it. “I think I’ll think a little more and then I’ll decide and act”. The artist is more about spilling your guts on the canvas of your life. She needs to brave fear of failure/brave criticism and live that fully expressed life.

These two seeming opposites can work wonderfully together as a pairing….she can be introverted, be in the world of ideas, be an idealist – bring this to her artistry – this may be her unique expression. The Artist must go inward to find her core truth, her muse….so be both – risk the spotlight and all that comes with it as she digs deeper into the world of her mind and comes out with unique ideas. Maybe she becomes the screen writer or a photographer capturing the ideal of human nature – on paper or behind the camera.



MY OWN STORY as told in my fingerprints

My Life Lesson (greatest challenge at a soul level) is EXISTENCE GUILT – DO I DESERVE MY PASSIONS – an inner world dilemma

My Life Purpose is an outer world soul purpose – to be the DIVA OF WORDS – a successful woman of influence through my creative communication.

 My recipe then becomes the pairing of my Life Lesson in the positive. I succeed when I am a mentor to others helping them find their powerful, passionate voice in the spotlight. That’s how I measure my self-worth and I get to dine on Soul Food daily. Yeah!!


A reminder here as we venture to Example 3:

In hands (and in logic) dilemmas can take on a slightly different meaning – seeming contradictory realities are still present, but choosing between them will not get you where you want to go…both have to be part of your life recipe.You have to blend them. No avoiding it.  



The Worker Be personality type with stoic/private heart lines with spiritual teacher gift markings in his hands

This guy has the Worker Bee archetype – the elements of earth and fire in the hand. These 2 elements are about tangible results and action – activity in the world. Right livelihood and pride in high standards when it comes to his craft, his work, and his relationships. Add the stoic heart line and you have extra evidence of this need. The stoic is an earth element heart line and prefers privacy and freedom – not first in line to express his deep feelings. He most likely shows love by good deeds; a project well done comes first.

His dilemma? He has the spiritual teacher gift marking – a deep, long curving head line that heads into the bottom of his hand away from the thumb. This gift is about going deeply inside, in the realm of the less tangible, to uncover life’s deeper truths. It’s about trusting the inner voice and being willing to surrender to the unknown. At his best, he is deeply intuitive and can help people who are in crisis of meaning. He goes to those dark places of feeling to find the core truth of what it means to be alive.

Wow! Is this a delicious dilemma on over drive – Doing vs. Being. How can he be both in the world “worker bee busy” and in a deep space of meaning and trust where he must be in touch with his feelings/needs/wants and desires. To be passively receiving messages of spiritual truth? A Worker Bee type might say – NOT ME! I’M NOT GOING THERE!

He can and must blend these 2 ingredients – doing and being. He has to learn to be this in the world guy who touches many lives with the fire of deep understanding. He must avoid “meaningless commerce” – a likely choice to avoid going to the realm of the spirit. Surrender and vulnerability for a Worker Bee is not easy – but once he finds a practical, tangible expression for his deep journey, he can help others become grounded in their own spiritual truth.

May be he is a sculptor who creates magical forms from his imagination. Or a high school coach who is known for helping his team members who are in crisis in their lives.

Now it’s your turn. What are your Delicious Dilemmas?

If you need help finding them and cooking up the right blend to feed your soul, I’m happy to help. CONTACT ME.


You get to choose. And combining your opposites into a delicious recipe can be life changing. I think that CHOOSING MEANS YOU HAVE TO CHANGE– CHANGE CAN BRING PAIN – and THAT’S LIFE!

You can stay stuck between the opposing parts of yourself or you can start experimenting with blending them to find the right recipe to make your life delicious.

Here’s to getting those seeming opposites working together to break out and into your Life Purpose.