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Track your Shadow - Life Lesson

Track Your Life Lesson-Your Shadow • Change Your Life: Part I

Are you ready to face your shadow, the gremlin within – Your Life Lesson deep from your soul?


There is no light without shadowYou’ve heard me talk a lot about the importance of discovering, claiming and learning to live your LIFE PURPOSE. The key to unlock this higher soul calling of yours is your LIFE LESSON, a.k.a. your shadow. Most of us avoid it, want to sweep it under the rug, blame the stinky patterns of our lives on others, or the inner critic works overtime so that your true voice is drowned out ….. and the list goes on.

Sorry! In order for your Life Purpose to blossom, you have to work on & through your Life Lesson. No way around it.

First, start with the notion that you DO have a choice. Second, accept the fact that it ain’t easy to change and you may fear that your life will spin out of control or you’ll fail to make the right choices. What if that’s true and it’s O.K.? If you begin to change, you’re life can spin a bit (or a lot) and you can take a few wrong turns……

This leads me to the Third thing. If you stay in the same painful place, what will your life look like in 1 year/5 years? Don’t want to stay there? If you said “NO, I don’t want to keep repeating the same negative, life-sapping patterns”. O.K. Got to take some risks. Got to find the courage to start doing stuff, find new ways of responding to stuff, figure out what you need to stop doing.

One tool you can use to make that Life Lesson an Ally

Let’s try some Life Lesson Tracking. I have a tool that I use adapted from our International Institute of Hand Analysis. This is for clients and students who are committed to looking at their Life Lesson in a new light and to do what it takes to make it an ally. Begin now to make your Life Lesson a partner on the path to more fulfilling work, better relationships, healthier mind and body and so that you can make a real contribution to the planet.

Track Your Life Lesson

Download the blank tracking sheets by clicking on the link above and begin. Look back and look recently to look forward. What will happen? You’ll begin to notice the patterns that repeat through out your life.  You’ll see how many masks your Lesson Lesson wears.  And the tracking exercise allows you to declare what you might have done differently. See! You’re working on your Life Lesson consciousness so your Life Purpose can flourish.

YOU CAN’T ALWAYS DO IT ALONE! Work with me. Work with fellow hand analysts in a group….have fun growing into YOU as you face the gremlin within.

Haven’t worked with me or another Hand Analyst? Don’t know your Life Lesson?  [It’s found in your fingerprints along with your Life Purpose.]  CONTACT ME to set up a Life Purpose/Life Lesson consultation for you.

Visit PART II – Recording of some Life Lesson Tracking results!!

4 thoughts on “Track Your Life Lesson-Your Shadow • Change Your Life: Part I”

  1. Hello,
    I have a quick question regarding lines on hands. Back in December while in the kitchen preparing dinner, I cut the palm my left hand deeply with a chef’s knife as I was attempting to cut a hard squash. It has since healed, but has left a permanent scare from the base of my thumb to the very end of my hand.

    I have taken the beginning course several years ago, and seem to recall “scares” on hands being of some significance, however I cannot recall what that is! 🙂 Can you please enlighten me?

    Thanks & blessings! 🙂

    1. Hi, Jayanti: Thanks for asking your question about thumb your injury. Our hands send us many messages. I’ve replied to you via e-mail. If for some reason you don’t receive it, e-mail me at

      ~ Janet

  2. Lynn Muller Guiser

    Hi Janet,
    I listened to your audiotapes. Some of my fingerprints are weak and unable to be replicated-especially the pointer fingers and right thumb. When fingerprinted for some jobs I’ve held, a law enforcement official stated that these finger prints would be very useful should I switch to a certain profession-hinting at burglary. I’ve never done a lot of physical labor outside, nor an over amount of domestic engineering inside my home (smile) What does this mean? And, where may I read more about this?
    Lynn – former Columbia student

    1. Hi, Lynn, fellow Columbia grad! Thanks for checking in about your fingerprints. Some fingerprints are faint and some are very clear – born that way. For some, they fade a bit as we get older. Lines, scars, and, yes caustic materials can affect the clarity of the prints. Modern forensic printing techniques aren’t able to see all prints clearly. I bet I would have no problem seeing them the old fashioned way, with good light, drugstore glasses and a magnifying glass.
      As to what faint prints may mean – possibly part of a personality archetype, aging, or another more esoteric meaning depending on the rest of your hands and fingerprints.
      Don’t have a specific source from law enforcement that explains this, but in our world of hand analysis, that’s our take on it. Thanks for your question.
      ~ Janet

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