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My Soul Purpose–Can’t find it! It’s selfish to even look!

Soul Purpose – or Life Purpose  …..

is popping up everywhere these days – in main stream news no less!  I hope you’ll go exploring with me to see what other folks are saying about Soul Purpose. What is it? How do I find it? Why should I care……?  And then compare their take on it to ours. We’ve been working with individuals like you for years over 40 years. The goal? To help you claim and live your life on purpose.

I had a group of “newbies” yesterday. Of the 18 participants maybe two had had an astrology reading or psychic reading. The others just came out of curiosity. I asked them if they thought they had a unique life purpose and if so, did they know what it is. A few tentative hands went up. One woman said that she felt she did and that all of us have a unique calling and way of contributing but she wasn’t sure what hers was. That got heads nodding in agreement.

live a life of purpose for you and for othersYour hands contain the keys to living your life purpose every day in every way. That formula is concrete, specific and unique to you. It’s your Soul Purpose – your higher self to be infused in all dimensions of your life. GO HERE to read about how we define and help you find it

And then I encourage you to read the articles that have come out in the past few months from the Seattle Times, Huffington Post, Forbes Magazine and more… . Read down through them and let me know what you think.

Bottom Line? Folks are talking lots more about SOUL PURPOSE NOW!!!  Here are the articles I mentioned.

Some offer interesting guidance and perspectives. Most are nebulous and somewhat off track in my humble opinion. Some say it’s detrimental to say you have a unique purpose because it’s elusive. You’ll feel inadequate if you can’t grasp it. Others say it’s a selfish act to spend so much time on it. And still others say it’s how you feel when you get excited…that’s the nebulous part I mentioned.

Have fun reading these and comparing……

Have You Asked Yourself These 9 Magic Questions to Figure Out Your Purpose?

By Jayoti Soor, Team iDiva | posted Jul 26th 2015 at 6:00AM

Your ‘Life Purpose’ is a Myth

How to strengthen your psychological core

By Chris Swenson

For the Journal-Advocate

You Graduated… Now, What? (10 Steps to Building Your Life on Purpose)

The purpose of life is simply to live it fully

David Brooks – New York Times Columnist and Author

20 Ways to Find Your Life Purpose

Martha Beck trained coach

Get busy: Cardiologists say ‘purpose in life’ reduces death by all causes by 23 percent

Having a high sense of purpose in life may lower risk of heart disease, stroke

Having a Sense of  Purpose Linked to Better Health

5 Ways to Cultivate Purpose and Intention for an Authentic Life


COMMENTS PLEASE!! Soul Purpose from different perspectives

I happen to like our take on life purpose. Forty plus years of research and application validate that Life Purpose Hand Analysis helps you discover (or recover) your life purpose. You now have the specific tools to help you claim it and live it and give it to the world! What do you have to lose other then that big QUESTIONS MARK ??? hanging over your head. Here’s our take on your Soul Purpose – Go Here.