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Reduce stress-learn to breathe

Learn to Breathe Like Buddha

My interview with Todd Zimmerman will change your life!  Here’s how to learn to breathe like Buddha.

Let’s start with what kind of breather you are.

  • Mostly a shallow breather
  • Find yourself holding your breathe during the day
  • You breathe like Buddha a lot of the time – Good on Ya!

Now for a challenge. Can you answer these questions?

  • Percentage of body toxins released through the lungs when deep breathing ________
  • Where are the majority of the capillaries in your stomach? Upper 1/3, middle, lower 1/3?
  • Between eating, drinking and breathing – which can you live without for hours and even days?

Find the questions in my interview with Todd.

My Interview with Todd Zimmerman a master Breathwork practitioner who knows how to breathe!

I am thrilled to bring you the wisdom of Todd Zimmerman. He is certified as a Breathwork practitioner, as a Hand Analyst and as a Coach. What a combo – powerful and transformational.

The breath of lifeI’ve been using breathing techniques with my clients for years to help with focus, clarity, increased productivity and general well-being. Todd takes this breathing stuff to a much deeper level. I want to invite you to listen to my interview with him. Make sure you listen to the last 10 minutes for techniques and how to contact him to really Learn to Breathe Like Buddha!

By the end, you may just feel better because you are getting closer to Buddha Breath. NOTICE your BREATHING right now. Before starting the audio, stand up and take a deep, steady breath. Start with filling your belly first and then your lungs. Exhale slowly through your mouth. Are you ready? Let Todd inspire you to Breathe, Be and Thrive.

Todd lives California. Contact him at to work in person with him or online. Talk to him about improving your health through breath-work.

And please feel free to Contact Me if you have challenges with breathing (lack of it!) and stress. I have several breathing techniques that you can use everyday. My clients are grateful.

May you Breathe in the Breathe of Life!

~ Janet

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