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Identify the 3 Keys in your Hands; Unlock Your Life Purpose

“Now that I am 5 months into my training, I am overwhelmed and don’t know what pieces of information I should share with my client.  If I try to apply this month’s topic to practice, I feel like I have left out so much – what about the finger set and length, what about the hand shape, what about the thumb. HELP!” 

~a comment from one of our students in the Certification Training Course

Keep it simple and weave the threadsThis is the time all our students begin to say but what if I left out something. My answer is always, keep it simple, find the main theme and weave the tapestry. Here’s my tribute to 3 KEYS in YOUR HANDS-representing the personality archetype.

Identify 3 keys specific in your hands and unlock the essence of your personality style on the path to your Life Purpose. How can the 3 Keys help you? If you are a client of mine, I have mapped your soul contract using your fingerprints. This defines who you are meant to be and what you are here to work on at the soul level. This soul journey, however, can be elusive. The challenge is to learn how to embody this soul consciousness so that you can live it fully everyday.

Beyond the fingerprints, everything else in your hands defines your personality – your behaviors, your motivations, your special gifts. Your hands also reflect how you have responded to life’s challenges. They are the vehicle you must use to make your Soul Purpose tangible. Your soul print from your finger prints is enhanced and woven securely from the threads identified in your hands. I can show you your 3 Keys to reveal your unique tapestry.

Only 3? Really? Mysterious, yet true! That’s the beauty of hands!

I have been working with a lovely woman over the past 6 months. We identified her 3 Keys – Venus, the Healer and the WOW marking. Read this client story at the end of the post.

Life is Complicated-and so is your personality

Your hands can help you see the forest for the trees.

Data, Data, Data. I love it. When I started to read hands, I was enthralled by all of the incredible information in a person’s hands. Trained as a scientist initially, this was my anchor, my comfort zone. And, my own hands are very complex and confusing. So when I sat down with someone, I dumped all that I saw in their hands into their brains and hoped they were following the trail. I was trying to describe every tree vs creating an image of the beautiful forest they had chosen to inhabit. The old saying is true…missing the the forest for the trees.

Stand back and you can see a pattern with flow and purpose (at least Jackson Pollack did!!)

When you look closely at Jackson Pollack’s paintings, your head spins with the details. Step back a few paces and you begin to notice a pattern. That’s what we are going for here. Lookingstand back and you can see a pattern at the whole forest from a bird’s eye perspective, looking for a pattern. Each tree in the forest – like each data point in your hands – has a unique identity and meaning. There a few trees, however, that define the forest. That’s what I mean by the 3 KEYS in your personality archetype.

A good hand analyst can capture the main theme in your hands in a matter of minutes. This comes from a tie of 3 interrelated elements or constellations of elements in your personality makeup. The goal is to identify the key signposts (or trees) as you embark on the next level of your journey. Can you see why over complicating things can be a major road bloc? Simplifying can offer a focus and clearer map as you move forward. Hmmm, maybe Jackson Pollock wasn’t such a good choice. How about Dali?? Neither are simple but they painted from their deep essence.

Sounds good? How can you simplify your story and savor the journey? What does your forest look like? Contact me if you want to use your 3 KEYS to unlock your Life Purpose.

Here’s the Case Story of that client I mentioned earlier:

Clara (not her real name) has a Life Purpose of Live Your Passions and a Life Lesson of Powerlessness/Power Errors – challenges with taking independent action/or being overly dominant. That’s the signature of her Soul Consciousness. She’s here to learn more about how power operates in her life so she can claim her desires and passions and help others do the same. We spent a long time on what that looks like in her life. Recovering from years of grief, she felt powerless to step up and into the world – to take any action let alone the action required to be grounded in her desire system. She came to me saying, “I know I am ready to emerge, but I don’t know what I want?” When I presented her with her 3 Keys in her hands – things began to gel. We wove the tapestry of the 3 over a few weeks using cognitive, kinesthetic and visual exercises.

Her 3 Keys are:

  • Venus: Big, beautiful, refined area at the bottom of her hand closest to the thumb.  Talk about passions, sensuality, the senses, fun, play, music, beauty….a way in for her to claim her real passions. For her – she created an incredible garden, bought new clothes, immersed herself in luscious smells and tastes, while tempering some of Venus’s tendencies to go too far with the excesses of the senses. She imagines being the “Wood Nymph” frolicking mysteriously in the forest. I smile every time I conjure this image of her.
  • The Healer: Vertical lines under her pinky finger revealed that she has the gift of the healer. Healing her own wounds, trusting her inner voice, putting a toe in the water as an inspiration to others.  She has been in deep healing for years and what else can I say – she inspires me on many levels. Add these together and she knows that she is seeking the Venusian Healer as a signature for the next phase of her life.
  • The WOW marking: The WOW mark – like a W, is made up of 3 “fate lines” – one to the middle finger – follow through, reliability;  the second one to the ring finger – creative spark/individual expression, and the 3rd to the pinkie, the special insight and strategy required to make it happen. Well, do you think she can use this now that she has shed light on her path and is moving forward? She knows this about herself but had not been using it to come from the deep forest out into the light – her light of living a passionate Venusian life as a healer.

May you find the 3 keys to living the life you came here to live. Contact me if you want some help discovering them!

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  1. Thanks Janet,
    I always love to listen to how my sister hand analysts use their language to explain and weave the story. You are truly a master!
    Lots of love, Kate

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