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VENUS • Goddess of Beauty and Delight vs. Deprivation or Decadence

Venus, also known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology, is the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Beauty in it’s many forms. At her best she’s magnetic, warm, generous, sensuous, irresistible, creative and procreative.

Let’s look at some possibilities. Is your world full color and wonder? Perhaps you have the Venus Gift Marker. Venus wants her world to be filled with beauty and delight. What if you have this marker and you’re feeling gray, dingy, stingy and dull? Just maybe you’re living in the inverse of your gift. That’s what we’re going to explore – the upside and downside possibilities.

To illustrate the inverse of this gift, here’s a short personal story. I facilitated 2 Hand Reading Circles recently. And oh my, did I have Venus Envy. I have Venus stars in my hands qualifying me to own the gift of Venus. Alas, my Venus mount is depleted and blue. I’ve spent years in the downside of Venus’s virtues. That’s why I love being around folks who have big, plump, pink Venuses. It reminds me, that I have the gift. I just need to nurture my delight and nourish my senses.

A reminder: If you haven’t been following my Gift Marker Series, here’s what they mean in your life:

The keys to understanding how gift markers operate:

  • They show up in the major and minor lines in your hands
  • They are there to serve your Soul Purpose which is revealed in your fingerprints
  • Some gifts can come and go – strengthen and weaken, depending on how well you’re managing the challenges that are inevitable
  • There are 18 Gift Markers in hands – the more the merrier, right? Not if you’re running in many directions trying to figure out how to harness the energy of each one. Not if you’re stuck in the penalty box frozen into inaction or misdirection.
  • Each one represents:
    • A yearning deep within you to express this gift
    • A special talent or capability
    • A responsibility to express this; to make your gift one of the centerpieces of your life. Otherwise, you get to experience the penalty. Each has it’s own unique downside that can send you into a tale spin. Use it or lose it; Grow it or deprive it. OWWWW! It can hurt if you are not expressing your special gift in the world and at home.

Where does the Gift of Venus show up in your hand?

In these 2 examples, there is more than one Venus star which may not be true for you. Train your eye. Can you see them? They are contained within the mount of Venus – that fleshy area at the bottom of your hand next to the thumb.

With this star comes a gift and a penalty
Venus Stars-Example 1


With this star comes a gift and a penalty
Venus Stars-Example 2

Do you think you have one or more? Let’s look at the Upside possibilities for you.

Upside possibilities of the Venus Stars

 Venus is all about the pleasures in life and all about the body. The ability to live in the here and now. If you have a Venus star you may embody some of the positive traits of a Venusian. That is to:

Be generous and open

Be sensuous and loving

Be completely present in the moment

Luxuriate in the moment

Feed your senses just enough – tastes, textures and smells

Create beautiful environments – in nature or in the home

Play, to dance, to sing, to laugh

Celebrate your body in healthy ways

Be athletic – in tune with your body

Receive and give touch

Charming and magnetic

Be vibrant and passionate


A true Venusian recognizes how essential it is to embrace her many qualities while understanding her limits. To live with passion without being trapped by over or under doing a Venusian life.

So what happens if she is not living in the upside of her gift?


Downside possibilities – Binging or Starving

One of the terms we use for the inverse of this gift is the “Wounded Child”. And it may well be true that those who have this star were wounded in some way as a child. Lost or never had the opportunity to embrace the Venusian splendor that is theirs to embrace.

If you have a Venus Star on either hand, and you’re not living in the upside side, let’s look at the downside list.

Over indulgence:

The downside possibilities of the gift of VenusDebauchery, a.k.a. “Sex, drugs and rock and roll”

 Over eating, over drinking at the expense of your health and relationships

The “Prostitute”

The “Pleasure Pig”

Temptress, oozing sexuality

Crude, bawdy


Sex as a substitute for intimacy –cut off from emotional closeness

Preening Narcissism


Under indulgence:

Have a Venus Star? But acting like a Church Lady?No time for pleasure

No delicious rewards for accomplishments

Work that drains you and lacks meaning giving you no pleasure

Senses dulled; feeling has been replaced by numbness

Stinginess with self and others replaces openness and joy

Cut off from emotional closeness (true with the overindulgent type too)

Prudishness – rife with judgment and guilt

A passive, almost lazy existence with little motivation to find joy and wonder

“I can’t get no satisfaction!”


Now for some tips for a Venus Reset

You have a Venus Star. It’s a gift. Now use it. Here are some ideas to help you find your “just right” luscious life:


  • Have the positive qualities of Venus in front of you.
  • Get out a favorite pen (or colored pencils) and some beautiful paper or use a pleasing font if you’re doing this on your computer.
  • Without stopping, write down:
    • Two activities that you can do today that feed the senses
    • Three beautiful things you can do for yourself and/or others this week.
    • Some Venusian traits you want to nourish overtime

SECOND – just a few fun ideas to get those Venus juices flowing

  • Hug more
  • Laugh more
  • Reach out to a friend everyday
  • Dance in the rain
  • Sing at the top of your lungs
  • Dig in the dirt, pick flowers for a bouquet, or wild raspberries to redden your lips

Now it’s your turn: What’s on your list?


For the full story of to see how Venus keeps her sensual self in good health, read Jean Shinoda Bolan’s The Goddesses in Every Woman – Chapter 12 – Aphrodite (Venus by the Greek name).

Here’s to a luscious life full of love and beauty.

~ Janet