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Grow conscious of your Life Lesson

Track your Life Lesson • Change Your Life: Part II

Are you ready track your Life Lesson?

In Part I, we explored why tracking and working with your Life Lesson a.k.a. your shadow, as an ally rather than against it is the key to unlock your Life Purpose (Your Highest Soul Potential). I introduced you to our Life Lesson Tracking Tool.

GO HERE if you missed Part I and to download the Tracking Form.

In Part II, I’ve recorded 3 examples of how this tracking tool helps as you find the courage to look at your shadow closely and to find new ways to work with it. The 3 Life Lessons are: Guilt and Low Self Worth; Trust and Vulnerability Challenges; Fear of Failure.

Listen Now!

Or GO HERE to download the audio for the 3 examples.

Haven’t worked with me or another Hand Analyst? Don’t know your Life Lesson?  It’s found in your fingerprints along with your Life Purpose. CONTACT ME to set up a Life Purpose/Life Lesson partnership session.

May you Thrive in the New Year and beyond,

~ Janet