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on the forehead

The Third Eye Star – The Seer or the Blind One

The Third Eye appears on this statue on the forehead. This is the eye that sees within on the path to higher wisdom. Everyone has 3rd eye discernment to some degree. Ever had a hunch about something and you acted on it and it was right on? Add the Star and you have the Gift of the Seer which gives the owner uncommon discernment.

What do you see that others don’t? Perhaps you have the Seer’s gift but you doubt what you see or think. Ever find yourself saying, “doesn’t everyone see it this way? What’s the big deal?” It IS a big deal. You just have to own it or you’ll experience the dreaded penalty.

Reminder: ALL gift markers in the hand come with a penalty – a kind of test until you get it right and use it for yourself and for those around you. Learn more about the possibilities and the penalty below.


Where is the Third Eye Star on the palm of the hand?

Take a look at the thumb in this example. I’ve drawn in the star so you can’t miss it. Check your own thumbs. The 3rd Eye Chakra is the middle zone of the thumb with the Throat Chakra and the Crown Chakra on either side.

this is the Seer star


Upside of the Third Eye Gift– different ways to celebrate the Seer in you

  • A 6th sense – this relies on the overlay of all the other senses to come to some conclusion – to relay information to you about what is Real and what is Possible.
  • Practical wisdom – ability to put what’s Real in the Now and Possible in the Distance into focus
  • Acumen in solving problems in the practical every day realm
  • Got clues, clues, clues? You, oh Seer, know how to piece them together
  • Keen sense of underlying patterns/the understory/hidden connections
  • Ability to connect the dots between cause and effect – the potential results of specific actions

A client of mine said, “it’s like having a laser beam to the future”.  He didn’t actually mean prediction of the future. It’s Perception emanating from the Third Eyeabout looking inward; looking at the now; trusting what you see, hear, feel, even taste. Result? The ability to see events or problems with a bigger vision, a bigger picture than most. Therefore, you can see what is possible in the future without actually seeing the future.

Some seers use this gift for practical problem solving in business, politics or causes. Others use it to connect in the emotional realm as an empath. Others use it kinesthetically to heal the body. Perhaps you have your version. Please share it if you do.

Advice: No matter how you use this gift, once you’re 6th Sense lights up, trust it and practically bring it into action. Act on that hunch.


Downside or penalty of the Third Eye Star

If you’re not owning and growing this gift of the Seer – you get to experience the dreaded penalty.

Many of us choose to hide it in the shadows. It can be scary to have this ability once you notice others just don’t see what you see. Perhaps you hide it or doubt it because you’ve been told when you were young, “you don’t know what you’re talking about; that’s not true; people don’t want to see what you see so keep it under raps”.  Might they just be scared of your gift?

Who wants to live in the shadows. You have a gift and we want you to grow it and help us with your special seeing: Use it OR you’ll:

  • Experience BLINDNESS in some area of your life!!
  • Be riddled with DOUBT – Can’t see the nose in front of your face or don’t trust that nose and the direction its pointing
  • Take THE EASY PATH – we call this the path of least resistance. Isn’t it easier just to hang out with non-seers and go along to get along? NOPE. Your decision-making ability will begin to break down and you’ll be stuck on easy street that is more like a cul-de-sac.

Want to Open the channels of your perception as you open your third eye to higher wisdom.

This is good for all of us even if we don’t have the Gift of the Seer. Visit this site to create a third eye opening practice.

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