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Heart line types - Passion and Fire

The Passion Heart ~ Fire!

Are you spontaneous? Do you usually know what you want and expect others to know what they want? Are you all about fun, action, creative zeal? Love to live for the moment and people know it?

Fiery Intense Cares about what she wants

If you own a passion heart on either hand, it will move from under the pinky up towards or to your middle finger. You sizzle. When the fiery, passionate Passion Heart Line Origin and End Pointperson gets mad, watch out! It’s about getting even.  And getting bored easily if you do not have enough stimulation.

Your natural opposite is the considerate ROMANTIC RATIONALIST OR IDEALIST – the AIR person. You are learning from each other. You teach them passion and spontaneity. They teach you to sometimes think before you leap. To practice consideration.

Remember, be true to your type and learn from your opposite. Check out the movie: The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – a perfect fire (Kate Winslet) /air (Jim Carey) match. Well maybe not so perfect. You decide….. Or the movie Chicago – Renee Zellweger (Passion Heart) and her husband John C. Reilly (Romantic Idealist)

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