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ENROLLMENT IS OPEN • Spring 2024 LIVE-IN PERSON Level I Hand Analysis Intensive Training in Burlington VT • Late April-dates TBD. Download the course description: Live Level I Intensive Training. Interested our ONLINE training? Email me for details.

students studying hands and fingerprints

[Study with Janet] 9 Reasons to Enroll in the Live In-Person Hand Analysis Class

Enrollment is now open!!

The Level I Hand Analysis Intensive

Level I Hand Analysis Intensive Class

In Burlington, Vermont USA
October 15th (starts at 5 pm) – 18th (ends at 4 pm)

Download the full Course Description

Study palmistry with a modern scientific base.

Are you a healer, counselor, coach, artist, entrepreneur?

Adopt a fresh new assessment tool to uncover the core consciousness required for yourself and your clients to live a life of both meaning and success.

Are you someone moving forward and you find yourself on the brink? Need the tools to navigate this transition?

This experience gives you the focus and clarity to overcome the fear that comes with being on the BRINK of change! Then you can take the action to move forward with confidence toward the life you came here to embrace. 

Here are 9 Reasons to Enroll in this
Live, In-Person
Hand Analysis Class

1. Why a live in-person class?

This is the first level of immersion into the world of hand analysis and hands. You can’t beat touching live hands. You get to inspect fellow students hands and the hands of volunteers that come throughout the weekend close up and personal. You get immediate verification of the subtle differences between ink prints of hands and live hands. You get to practice live readings with all of the equipment and proper set up. And I’ll have all the equipment you need to practice and for purchase to get you started right away.
  There are guided meditations and time for personal personal reflection found only in the live class. You can’t beat learning in a relaxing retreat-like setting while joining others to experience first hand the transformational power hands.
  Our distance based advanced courses are great. If you are first timer, the live experience is the way to go. My opinion, of course!

2. It’s the only in-person class on the East Coast taught by one of 6 Master Teachers – that’s me!

I’m sanctioned by the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA) to teach this system developed and perfected since 1984. You’ll learn from my 20 years of experience. This will be the 16th time I’ve taught this class and it never gets stale.  

3. The small class size assures you lots of personal attention

The class is limited to 8 participants. A good reason to enroll early. When in doubt, you’ll get the support you need and your questions answered. And you’ll gain confidence by helping each other.    

4. All key lectures and Q & A are recorded throughout the weekend

You’ll have access to all the content after the class. Listening again can offer a few more “Aha! Now I Remember” moments.

5. Can I read hands after the course?

Yes! You will know how to decipher the fingerprints to give anyone the essence of their Soul Agenda – Life School, Purpose and Lesson. You’ll be able to give them solid information about their thumbs-how do they get things done; their heart lines-what’s their unique emotional style, and the meaning of their fingers-what the fingers reveal about their external behaviors, strengths and needs. This is powerful stuff. Enough to change the course of someone’s life!  

6. Can I charge money?

Maybe. It’s up to you. If you are confident and feel secure in your new knowledge, then absolutely. It is more likely if you are already a healing practitioner as you have developed the skills to work one on one with people and in small groups. During the course, I give guidance about best practices as we progress.  

7.  I want this for personal growth …

Will I feel like an outsider if my classmates are all body, mind and spirit practitioners who want these tools for professional use? Absolutely not. The class mix includes some who are there purely for personal growth and some for both personal and professional reasons. I took this class way back in 2000 purely for personal growth.  

8. Burlington is one of the coolest little cities in the USA

Situated on Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont will be brimming with the hints of Autumn brilliance. Our meeting spot is in downtown Burlington within easy walking distance of Lake Champlain, best eateries in VT, and shopping in our pedestrian only street – 8 blocks long. Yes, you’ll have time to wander and wonder.    

Lake Champlain and Burlington Skyline

9. Enroll early and be an early bird who always gets the worm – actually the bonuses and savings!

Class tuition is $1495; PAY IN FULL BY September 19th – save $300; CLAIM 3 BONUSES worth over $400~ for a total savings of $700. You can also set up 3 easy payments.  Not bad! Bonus 1:  An extra tutoring session to focus on building your skills (you already have one 1 hr. session as part of your tuition) Bonus 2: Discounts on readings, workshops and business training coming up in 2020 Bonus 3: 2 Videos from our Distance-based Class on the Heart Line and Palmar Dermatoglyphics

May you find what you need…and go for what you want….See you in Burlington!

~ Janet

CONTACT me to set up time to chat about the class.