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Hand Analysis compared

How Hand Analysis Differs from Other Healing and Counseling Practices

Hand Analysis differ from:

  • Non-predictive Modern Palmistry, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Card Interpretation: All of these disciplines, including Hand Analysis, use folklore, planetary and pantheon mythology. These include archetypal symbols familiar to and from many cultures and religious traditions. The stories told can explain the influences, strengths and challenges for the individual client.
    • Modern Palmists (non-predictive) Most other modern palmistry systems assess only the hands which express personality strengths and challenges. They do not use the fingerprints, your soul imprint.
    • Astrologers interpret natal alignment with the stars, planets and transiting astral influences. These can explain possible strengths and challenges on a person’s life path.
    • Numerologists use birth date, name, address, etc for similar effect.
    • Tarot readers use a card deck which may include Christian, Hebrew, mythological, and/or folkloric, as well numerical and astrological references or symbols. The information is not concrete or static. The client selects cards or the reader selects cards for the client. In either case, the reader interprets the images on the cards and speaks of circumstances at work in the client’s life in the moment. This interpretation can change dramatically from reading to reading and reader to reader and as new circumstances arise. Tarot readers may use prediction in their practice.

Unlike Hand Analysis, none of these practices pinpoint your Life Purpose consciousness. Or combine this with your natural motivations and behaviors.

Hand Analysis differs from:

  • Predictive Palmistry and Psychic Practice: These intuitive practitioners use hands as well as etheric elements to predict the future and name events in the past.

The information gained from a scientific hand analysis session, on the other hand, is relevant throughout your life rather than at one point in time. It is not about predicting the future. It is about preparing you for the future.

  • Life or Career Coaching: The standard technique of a coach is to encourage self-identification of strengths, challenges and best practices/best careers over the course of several sessions. This is self-discovery to achieve specific goals.

Hand Analysts use the objective information provided by your unique fingerprints to pinpoint your Soul Psychology including your life purpose and life lesson. Guidance and support focuses on your recognition and managing of your particular soul’s agenda as revealed in your fingerprints. Insights gained will be relevant at any point in the your life.

Master Hand Analysts certified by the IIHA are trained in and employ best practices in coaching if you choose to work on particular goals over time.

  • Family and Psychotherapy: Most therapists work with clients in a lengthy process of self-discovery through a variety of techniques. The therapist listens to the case history and the immediate concerns of the client. Over time, a relationship is established that can inspire the client to develop more healthy and balanced behaviors.

Hand Analysts can explore your history and immediate concerns, but operate with a different behavioral model. This model is based on the interaction between personality psychology and soul psychology which is Trans-personal. Using a hand mapping technique, your practitioner pinpoints key themes in your life and offers you a unique perspective on current dilemmas and future potential.

  • Personality and Type “Tests” i.e. Myers Briggs, the Enneagram
    These self-determining tests describe the personality solely – motivations and behaviors, not early conditioning and patterns, or what to do about it. Your hands are like a walking Myers Briggs test with the added benefit of knowing your Life Purpose soul agenda. And your hands reflect your history and response to challenges and triumphs. Although these tests offer many layers of interpretation, they do not reveal how you are doing with your potential and challenges. Hands do.